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“In our daily life, we all still need traditional financial services, but we do not want to miss out on opportunities opened by modern finance. Our Future is “Web3 Finance” that connects the old world with the new, offering enhanced  and secure services for anyone with a smartphone. Welcome to YouHodler, your guide to the Web 3!”


CEO YouHodler, CVA Board Member and Innovaud Ambassador

  • Regulated EU and Swiss Financial institutions
  • Custody secured by Ledger Enterprise
  • Official Crypto Partner of Torino FC


An efficient and innovative tool powered by crypto-backed loans to help you capitalize on market volatility.

Boost your crypto portfolio and keep your daily interest. Stimulate your crypto and find the right balance: take a limited risk VS asymmetrical high level of potential profit.

The barbell strategy

Crypto portfolio with Loyalty rewards. The conservative part of your portfolio and safe investment.

≈ 80% share

8% a year

Zero risk

MultiHODL. Small bets, the highest-reward investment.

≈ 20% share

300% potential profit

– 50% potential risk

About the Company

YouHodler – a multi-faced FinTech platform providing a variety of Web3 crypto and fiat services. YouHodler's wallet caters to active HODLers, allowing them to use their digital assets beyond hodling and trading.

YouHodler supports major fiat currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP) as well as all major crypto currencies and tokens (BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, BNB, USDT, USDC, TUSD, PAXG, DAI, etc).

YouHodler offer crypto-fiat wallets with integrated exchange, trading, lending and crypto-rewards serviced supplemented by all traditional payment systems (bank and card payments).

User's digital assets are safely guarded with Ledger Vault's advanced custody and Fireblocks security options. Non-custodial Web 3 wallet will to be integrated to the YouHodler App early 2023.

YouHodler is an EU and Swiss-based brand with regulated institutions in Switzerland, Italy and other EU countries.

YouHodler is an active member of the Crypto Valley Association.

YouHodler Team has strong and unique expertise in Commercial Finance, FX/CFD trading and Banking, creation of e-commerce and e-learning platforms, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.

Our team combines the wisdom and practices from the world of traditional finance with the start-up spirit of Digital industry.

“Our future is in Web3 Finance” – YouHodler CEO

Web3 Finance is being built as we speak. YouHodler is a front-runner in this new financial evolution. But what does Web3 Finance look like exactly? CEO Ilya Volkov sits down with us to explain.


YouHodler is your guide to the Web3 world.

We make your digital assets work for you by building bridges between Traditional finance and crypto; Banking and Trading; CeFi and DeFi.

YouHodler Wallet offers a secure and efficient way to store your digital assets and make your own choice between “your keys – your crypto” and benefiting from CeFi services.

Integration of all payment solutions – stable coins, bank wires, credit cards – opens up connections to the real world and enables usage of crypto to “buy groceries, book flights, and pay bills”.

Trading solutions unlock an opportunity to benefit from market movements and multiply your digital assets.

Crypto-backed loans helps one get cash for regular needs and keep hodling at the same time.

On top of that our Reward programs are built to make your Web3 journey interesting and engaging.

Why You Choose YouHodler

Secured crypto wallet

YouHodler uses Ledger Vault's industry leading information technology infrastructure to securely control its crypto assets. Ledger Vault provides security solutions and $150M pooled crime insurance.

Safety of fiat funds

YouHodler has its bank accounts at reputable banks at Europe and Switzerland and partnerships with trusted fiat payment providers. We do not avoid banks. We partner with them.

Team experience

YouHodler management and engineering teams have 15+ years in FinTech and technology development. We're not an ICO backed!

Risk control

YouHodler team has extensive expertise in currency exchange risk management. We know how to save our funds so we know how to save yours.

Dynamic development

We implement at least 1 new feature every week. All of them based on real customer demand. We’d like to hear from you and do it for you.

Better customer support

All our clients get VIP level support 24/7. Traders, miners, hodlers are happy with our service. YouHodler never sleeps.

Safety and Security

All operations at YouHodler are 100% secure. Youhodler follows all the industry best practices for IT security checks, data protection, access rights, and data encryption. We store fiat funds at reputable Bank accounts in Europe and Switzerland and partner with trusted fiat payment providers only.

YouHodler uses Ledger Vault's industry leading information technology infrastructure to securely control its crypto assets with a multi-authorization self-custody management solution and $150 million pooled crime insurance.

All credit card operations are under PCI Security Standards, all crypto operations – in accordance with Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS). We run external security audits on a regular basis.

Media Kit

For crypto partners

YouHodler delivers a world-class product to the industry’s most influential crypto audience. By connecting new coins to our platform, we make opportunities for brands looking to reach high-value customers.

We are always open to new opportunities. So if you are looking to expand the audience for your coin or token, or want to find a creative offering that your community will benefit from, feel free to contact us. Let’s start building the future of the FinTech together.

For media partners

At YouHodler, we pride ourselves on honesty and the quality of our services. We are always open hearing the opinions of critics in both crypto and fiat circles. Our platform is built to deliver classic fiat financial services to the crypto community as well as connect the fiat and crypto worlds. This is why we aware of any attention from non-crypto media as well as crypto ones.

Feel free to get in touch with us via welcome@youhodler.com if you want to make a review of the YouHodler platform or just want to be featured in our media section or our personal blog.

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