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Weblium: A Simple and Intelligible Website Builder

Weblium is platform helps any user quickly create an online store, a landing page, or a multi-page website in just a few hours.

Possibilities of Weblium

We have developed an IT product capable of saving time and solving multiple tasks pertinent to website building.


Hundreds of ready-made templates and blocks, automatic mobile versions, and third-party code embedment.


Pop-up windows that can run on triggers, forms, trigger action execution, and working with analytics systems.


Online support available 24/7 all year round, video lessons, and an extensive knowledge base.

Online store

An option to add up to 10000 goods, variable items, online payments collection, checkout and cart pages.


Fully functioning customer and deal accounting in one place with a personal account, separate for each online store.


Tags, “breadcrumbs”, shema.org markup, 301 redirect, and unique 404-page setups.

Weblium is an ecosystem

We develop and create additional services and tools to solve our clients' problems as well as our own. All products in our ecosystem are built on interaction with Weblium

A simple tool for self-service website building. A distinctive feature of Weblium is the ability to launch an effective site without any programming skills using a ready-made template, additional blocks, and third-party code.


Online tool for website prototyping. A fast and convenient tool that allows you to get a website prototype in less than 15 minutes. Once the prototype has been created, it is possible to export it to Weblium.

Weblium web-studio

A professional studio involved in the creation and development of turnkey websites. The studio team studies the business's needs and creates sites on the Weblium platform that meet the clients' goals and objectives.

White label website builder

A tool for web design agencies that enable their clients to create websites on the Weblium platform. Agencies use their personal brand to sell websites made with Weblium on their behalf.

Weblium Details


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