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VectorStock images are used because they can be scaled up or down without losing quality and are file-size efficient. They can be used for logos, illustrations, and graphics, as they can be exported to any size. Vector graphics are the top choice for online and print brand collateral. They can also enhance mobile apps, websites, infographics, and digital presentations. That’s why most designers prefer vector images over raster (non-vector) images.

But creating these vector graphics can be time-consuming and require high designing skills. So In this article, we will review a platform that offers a huge catalog of free and paid vector graphics called Vectorstock.

We will discuss its pricing plans, important features, pros, cons, and some suitable alternatives. So, with no further delay, let’s get right into our review.

Review Summary

Vectorstock offers a valuable resource for designers and creative professionals needing high-quality vector graphics, illustrations, and icons. It can be a valuable resource for finding high-quality vectors.

  • Vectorstock offers a vast vector graphics, illustrations, and icons library.
  • Vectorstock offers flexible pricing options.
  • It offers multiple download formats.
  • Limited Collection
  • The single purchase of an image is so expensive.
  • Vectorstock has non-exclusive content.
  •  its usage still has some limitations.

Raster and Vector Graphics

Raster (Non-vector)and vector files are the two most popular formats used for visual content. Before starting the article, let me clarify the difference between Vector and Raster images. 

A non-vector file is made up of small pixels and cannot be resized infinitely because it loses its quality depending on its resolution. These images are more readily available in various file formats and are best for displaying detailed photographs, and they are more accessible and easy to view online.

Vector graphics are digital images created from a series of geometrically defined points, lines, and shapes, and they can be resized infinitely without losing quality because it does not depend on image resolution. Vectors are ideal for scalable logos, typography, and design but not for displaying photographic images.

Vectorstock Library

VectorStock is one of the largest marketplaces for high-quality vector graphics, icons & illustrations. It has a huge catalog of 34 million+ premium and free vector images. All are available under the royalty-free license at low prices. The platform does not offer digital Photography; it only represents vector files available for download as zip. Once you unzip the file, you will get it in multiple formats such as PNG, JPG, and PDF, and it also provides editable files for Adobe Illustrator and EPS formats for printing purposes. The library is continuously increasing because of a growing pool of artists who contribute thousands of vector images to their library weekly.

Licensing and Usage

Vectorstock offers three types of license options which include Free, standard, and Expanded license. When you select an image in the search results, information about the image appears. Remember to read the usage of the material under any license. Here is how you can use the assets under the different license options:

Personal Use ✔️✔️✔️
Print / Editorial✔️✔️
Graphic design ✔️✔️
Web design✔️✔️
Social Media ✔️✔️
Edit & Modify✔️✔️
Multi User ✔️
Resale Items✔️
Print On Demand✔️

For all the usages under the Standard or Expanded image license options, a link is required at the end-use location of the image. That means with attribution, your usage rights can be extended to both the Standard & Expanded licenses.

Vectorstock Pricing

Vectorstock offers three types of different purchase structures, including Pay per image, pre-paid credits, and subscription plan from $14.99 to $49. Look, take a look at the various plans, and see what plan and features meet your budget and needs.


The pay-per-image plan is best for you if you want one vector image without signing up or ongoing commitments. That only costs you $14.99 per image, so you must pay separately each time you download an image.

Pre-paid Credits

If you want several vector images at a discounted price, you have loaded your account with Credits you can use to purchase and download graphics. You can buy one image for just $1 (1CR = $1); the minimum purchase is 30 credits. The Credits are only valid on VectorStock and expire after 12 months from the date of purchase, but you can contact the support to extend your credits.


If you regularly need vector images and want the cheapest possible price, then go with the monthly subscription for high-volume access to vector images. It only costs you $49 per month, and you can download 60 Imager per month under a standard license.


  • Vectorstock offers a vast vector graphics, illustrations, and icons library. With millions of items available, users have a wide range of options for their design projects.
  • Vectorstock offers flexible pricing options, making it accessible to many users. You can purchase credits or subscribe to a plan which is cost-effective for users with low budgets.
  • It offers multiple download formats, such as PNG, JPG, PDF, AI, and EPS.
  • The “Free Vectors” purpose is for evaluation and personal use, but with attribution, your usage rights can be extended to both the Standard & Expanded licenses.


  • While Vectorstock offers a section of free vector graphics, the selection is relatively limited compared to the overall collection. 
  • The single purchase of an image is so expensive.
  • Vectorstock has non-exclusive content, which means that the same vectors may also be available on other platforms.
  • Although Vectorstock provides a royalty-free license, its usage still has some limitations. For example, without purchasing an extended license, you cannot use the vectors for trademarks, logos, or certain print-on-demand products.

VectorStock Details

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