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We want you to be able to meet like-minded people anywhere in the world who will reveal to you all the most exciting, valuable and unexpected things that a new city has to offer. Since 2013, we have been finding the best guides and providing excellent 

individual and group excursions in 713 cities around the world . The best way to tell how well we do this is through the reviews of our travelers: there are more than 496,000 of them on the website.

713cities of the world

980,000 people went on our excursions in 2022

496 034 traveler reviews

Passionate guides

Our excursions are conducted by enthusiastic, sociable people with a wealth of knowledge: historians, architects, journalists, art historians and other experts.

Unusual excursions

We love unusual excursions: with us you will not only learn the history of the city, but also take a walk through its secret bars, rooftops and contemporary art galleries. Plus, cook lunch with a local chef.

Personal communication only

All the magic and vivid impressions are born in personal communication, so we take special care of the quality of excursions. You will not find guides with boring memorized programs.

Why travelers love us

We know how to make excursions cool and high quality. We talk with each new guide personally and together we develop an excursion program. As a result, the excursions are rich, interesting, structured, and we and our travelers like them.

How we are working

Choose an excursion on the websiteAll excursions on the site are copyrighted, the excursion is conducted by the person who invented it. You can read the program description in advance, see what the guide wrote about himself, read reviews from other travelers and choose the excursion that is closest to you.

You can chat with the guide before payingBooking takes place through the website, and you communicate directly with the guide and can ask him any questions. You do not need to pay anything until you have clarified all the details that are important to you.

No need to pay all the money at onceOn the website you pay 20-23% of the excursion cost, this allows the guide to book the time of your choice. You pay the rest of the cost to the guide on the spot after the excursion.


How to book a tour

To go on an excursion, place a reservation on the website.

Tripster is an online excursion booking service. We have specially done everything so that it is convenient for you to book excursions on the website yourself. All excursions have descriptions, guide information, costs and available dates on the calendar to help you make your choice.

If you still have questions about the excursion before ordering, ask your guide when placing your order. You do not need to pay anything until you receive answers to your questions from the guide. After the guide answers, you can decide whether to make an advance payment or cancel the order.What kind of excursions are there?

Excursions on the site are divided into individual and group.

The guide conducts an individual excursion just for you and your company – family or friends. When booking an individual excursion, you choose a time convenient for you from the guide available on the calendar. After which the guide confirms your order, and you book an excursion (some excursions have instant booking and are confirmed automatically).

Group excursions are conducted according to a predetermined schedule. Besides you and your company, there will be other people on such an excursion. Group excursions do not require additional confirmation from the guide, and immediately after booking you can make a prepayment to reserve your place.

Regardless of the format, you can ask the guide any questions when ordering and discuss the details before paying.How to ask questions to a guide

You can ask the guide questions about the excursion when creating an order on the website.

On Tripster, you can correspond with the guide before paying for the order. Until you receive answers to your questions from the guide, you do not need to pay anything. After the guide's response, you can decide whether the excursion is suitable for you and pay for it.How does payment work?

Payment occurs in two stages. You make an order, find out all the details with the guide if necessary, and make an advance payment on the website to book the excursion. You pay the rest of the money to the guide on the spot.

You cannot book an excursion on the website without prepayment. Prepayment is important so that the guide understands exactly that you will come on the excursion and can book his time for you. On the website you pay 23% of the cost (for some excursions a little more or less) by credit card.

The excursion is considered booked after you make an advance payment. As long as you have not made an advance payment, the time you need may be booked by other travelers.Cancellation of order and refund

You can cancel your order on the website. If canceled more than 48 hours before the start of the excursion, we will refund your entire deposit. If canceled within less time, the deposit will be refunded only under unforeseen circumstances described in the refund policy.

To cancel a tour, go to your order page, click the cancel button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. If you want to cancel the excursion after the tour date, please contact support.


Do you have any questions? Write to us at 

or call 

+7 (499) 917‑02‑01 .

Traveler reviews

  • Tatyana is the BEST guide you can ever have!!! We highly recommend it to everyone! Now we are leaving Venice – in love with this city, which Tatyana introduced us to! We saw so many interesting and colorful things together!!! 3 hours just flew by!!! Thank you Tatyana for EVERYTHING!!! I wish there were more such kind, open and INTERESTING PEOPLE! and so well versed in history and all the important and interesting facts, not just “from the textbook”, but from the SOUL!!! and Tatiana was always in touch and advised on any issues, She even helped us with advice in choosing the “best locations” for photos and the most delicious restaurants with views! We chose everything amicably and together!)))))) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!– Ksenia about 
  • Many thanks to Ekaterina for a wonderful tour of Kaluga. Yes, we fell in love with Kaluga!!!. Despite the freezing rain, our travel time flew by. Ekaterina competently planned the route: we warmed ourselves up in the shopping arcades, drank tea and had a great time in the Kaluga Dough souvenir shop, and got to know Kaluga. Even our child (7 years old) felt great on the excursion on this chilly day, since Ekaterina was able to interest her and involve her in the excursion process. Thanks again for a wonderful walk and good memories.– HOPE about 
  • Beautiful, breathtaking views throughout the trip, delicious tasting of honey and chacha, Georgian toasts, songs by the whole bus and especially the professionalism of the guide Zura – during the trip he interestingly told the history of Georgia from ancient times to the present, joked a lot, explained the features of local winemaking, introduced me to folk and modern Georgian songs, answered all questions and did not let me get bored when moving from one stop to another. A very cool excursion both in content and atmosphere!– Maxim about 
  • Natalia is a wonderful person and an excellent storyteller! Even about the most unsightly pebble you will hear a separate fascinating story 🙂 if there is a deeper historical question, you are lucky: you will learn a lot and get answers to all your questions! We went with children, Natalya held a competition between teams of adults and children, kept the attention and interest of even the big-butted boys 🙂 we’ll be back in the summer in good weather to admire Lake Ladoga and the monasteries! Natalya, see you soon 😉– Anna about 
  • I highly recommend it to history buffs, caring people, and simply THINKING people!!!Pavel is a very multifaceted person with a huge amount of knowledge, collected by him from various sources, which was analyzed from a scientific/objective point of view, which is quite difficult to do in the history of the ancient and middle ages.It is no longer a secret that history is being rewritten, and our time, when there are a large number of sources of information, is no exception, and what can we say about the Middle Ages, when the only source were chronicles 😊 Thanks to Pavel, we managed to discover the history of Pskov/Russia in the Middle Ages only from the political and economic sides, but also from the structure and management of the city.Pavel is a great storyteller, the excursion was a breeze!!! Thank you and wish you creative success! We are waiting for your blog and book

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