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Tribesigns' founder, who comes from a lineage of carpenters, draws inspiration from his father's mastery and upbringing in woodworking. His innate expertise led him to craft stunning bamboo and wood furniture in his business venture. Alongside his design-passionate wife, their partnership melded technical skill and artistic flair.

Together, they redefined furniture beyond utility, emphasizing its capacity to embody beauty and style. This shared vision birthed Tribesigns, renowned for its unique designs that harmonize aesthetics, functionality, and affordability. Committed to sustainability and ethical practices, the Tribesigns team embodies core values such as customer focus, honesty, simplicity, and innovation. Their ultimate goal is to fashion spaces into inviting sanctuaries that inspire joy and creativity, a commitment evident in their unwavering dedication to quality and design. Over the last decade, Tribesigns has rapidly expanded across prominent e-commerce platforms in Europe and America, supported by 30 overseas warehouses, extending their global reach. Their devotion to customer satisfaction has earned trust and recognition from over two million households worldwide.

Do Our Part

Tribesigns, as a trusted home brand all over the world, provides cozy and efficient home and office solutions as a trusted home brand all over the world. We have collaborated with some of the world's best designers and manufacturers to bring a selection of beautiful furniture. This has helped thousands of customers across the worldwide create comfortable living spaces. And we are paving our way to a healthier, more sustainable life with our eco-friendly furniture…

For Our Home, For Our Planet

We are passionately driven to change the world through purposeful products, integrating environmental awareness into our daily decision-making at all levels. Whether consumers are looking for eco-friendly products or energy-saving production methods, we offer the highest quality of environmentally friendly furniture and bring our customers closer to nature.

The History of Tribesigns

YEAR 2011

A young man found a huge market vacancy in well-designed yet high-quality furniture, and he jumped at the opportunity.

YEAR 2012

Enthusiasm Paid Off: Obtained active market response and sales increased by 800% compared to the previous year.

YEAR 2013

Besides specializing in the product, a branch was established to focus on customer service.

YEAR 2015

Rapid Growth: Opened stores on almost all the top platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

YEAR 2018

Tribesigns official website was built to provide considerate and personalized customer service was provided.

YEAR 2021

We've served more than 2 million customers, and the numbers are still growing rapidly.

YEAR 2023

So far, our brand has served more than 10 million households around the world.

Bookcases & Freestanding Shelves

Space-Saving Designs, Durable & Stable

Enhance your home decor and keep your books organized with Tribesigns Bookcases. Versatile and practical designs provide ample storage and enable you to perfectly showcase plants, photos, books, and ornaments.

  • Various bookcases for everyone's needs
  • Put heavy objects with confidence
  • Really perform well in terms of storage

Explore Our StyleHere, There, Everywhere.

Compared with the quality and price of furniture, we believe that the atmosphere it creates and the feeling it brings to you are the most important.


A Variety of Products

Tribesigns provides diverse furniture for various rooms and age groups, featuring styles from American and European to simple, luxurious, modern, and industrial.

Fast Product Releases

Tribesigns rapidly introduces new products, launching hundreds of designs monthly while maintaining stock for swift delivery.

Unique & Diverse Designs

Tribesigns emphasizes distinctive product design, boldly creating unique styles, and catering to niche markets for diverse customer offerings.

Good Value for Money

Tribesigns offers cost-effective, high-quality furniture with a strong value proposition, ensuring customers receive exceptional design without excessive expense.

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