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If you want to get paid to share your opinion, Toluna Influencers is a great choice. It has many surveys and also has an app. You can get paid in cash or gift cards and you can join from 60+ countries.

What is Toluna Influencers, and what does the site offer?

This survey panel used to just simply be called Toluna. In 2018, however, it changed its name, so now the official name is Toluna Influencers. However, you can still access the website through Toluna.com even though the official website URL now is influencers.toluna.com.

You might hear either name used, and many people still just call it Toluna – both names are, however, referring to the same survey site.

It is, first of all, a survey site where you can get paid to take online surveys, and it has existed for many years.

In addition to paid surveys, the site offers a number of other ways you can earn money a bit extra, but online surveys are the main earning method.

Below I will go over all the ways you can earn as a member of Toluna Influencers so you know exactly what to expect.

Let me just reveal right away that it is a legit and safe survey site, and I have been paid by it many times myself, as I will show you proof of later in this review.

This does, however, not mean it will necessarily be the right option for you. Therefore, I will go over everything you need to know in the review below so you can see and judge for yourself.

Option 1 – Toluna surveys:

Surveys are the main way to make money on Toluna. There is a good amount of surveys, and mostly you will have access to at least 5-10 a week, but sometimes also more than that.

Exactly how many surveys you will get will, however, vary a lot from country to country.

If you do not qualify for a survey (which, in my experience, does not happen as often on Toluna Influencers as on some other survey sites), you will still get 200 points for having attempted the survey in most cases (again, this can vary from country to country).

It is a good idea to log in to the site regularly and check if there are any available surveys for you, as you, in general, will not receive emails when there are new ones.

You will once in a while receive an email when there is a new survey, but most often, it is then an extra survey that you cannot necessarily see on the platform. If you receive one of these email invitations, it is best to take the survey as soon as possible as surveys like this often fill up quickly, and often only a limited number of survey takers are needed.

But mostly, you will not get email invitations when there are new Toluna surveys available. So to get the most out of the site, it is good to log in regularly.

The surveys on Toluna do, in general, pay pretty well in relation to the time spent compared to other survey sites. However, how well they pay in relation to your time varies greatly from country to country.

But you can always see before starting a survey how much you will get and how long it will approximately take, and then decide whether you want to take the survey or not.

A great thing Toluna has recently made available when it revamped the whole platform was to now also make it possible to filter surveys, so it now is easier to find short or longer surveys, depending on your preferences.

Also, when you first join, you can fill out some small profile surveys. They will give you some nice rewards from the beginning, and at the same time, it will help you be matched to more surveys, so these are definitely a great idea to fill out and a good way to earn right away.

Just be aware that you will not qualify for all surveys, and I know this can be frustrating, and it is one of the complaints I have heard about Toluna. But it will happen on all survey sites and also on Toluna.

But having filled out your profile will make you more likely to qualify for the surveys you are offered, so definitely a good idea to start by filling those out as soon as you join.

Option 2 – Sponsored polls:

Sponsored polls are polls about a certain topic that you can get 15 points to answer. They are also called quick polls.

Once you log in, you can see if there are any available in the recommended section and in the news stream. You can spot them from the rest of the content by looking for where it says “vote”.

These quick polls give very small rewards but also only take about 10 seconds to do, and they can even be quite interesting to participate in, as you can also see a statistic about other members’ answers once you have answered.

Sometimes you will find several of these available, and other times it will be hard to find any.

One thing I have found is that it often seems like more of these quick polls are available through the mobile app (more about this later), so if you like the polls, this can be worth checking out.

Option 3 – Content creation / forum:

Toluna is not only a survey site but is also trying to be a community where members can create content and interact.

The way this works has, however, changed quite a lot since I first started using Toluna. You used to be able to create or participate in what was called polls, topic discussions, or battles.

You used to be able to potentially earn points by participating. These options have been removed during a recent big update.

Now, you can instead find a forum inside Toluna where you can share your thoughts and discuss with other members.

However, you will no longer be able to earn points by doing this, so you should only use this option if you wish to interact with other members.

As of updating this review, there is not a lot of activity in the forum, but this might change later when it becomes more well-known that it is now an option.

However, if you mainly are on Toluna Influencers to earn, then the forum option if not the best use of time, in my opinion.

But sometimes contests are announced in the forum section, so it can still be worth keeping an eye on – but more about the contest options next.

Option 4 – Contests:

Toluna Influencers sometimes offers contests.

It can, for example, be a contest to post a photo about a certain topic where a winner is selected, a quick quiz, or other kinds of contests.

They can run for a few days or up to a month and can give you some nice extra cash in your account.

Once you have logged in, you can see the newest announcements and see if there are currently any new contests. Or you can find announcements about it in the forum section.

The exact amount of contests depends on the country you live in – some have daily contests, some weekly, and some monthly.

According to Toluna itself, you can also find contests on the official Toluna Facebook page. However, I have personally not seen any contest there for a long time, and they are, in general, not very active on Facebook, so not the best place to find the contests, in my experience.

Option 5 – Daily game (Toluna Wheel and more)

There is a daily game on Toluna Influencers called the Toluna Fortune Wheel.

Here you get a daily chance to win some extra points by spinning the wheel.

It only takes a few seconds to do, so if you are on the platform, it is worth just trying your luck.

I do not know statistically how great your chances are of winning, but I can say that it definitely is not impossible to win. I know that as I have won rewards there myself:-)

Not huge rewards you will get, but some extra free points by just spinning a wheel is still not bad.

Just be aware that the Toluna Wheel of Fortune is not as easy to find as it used to be. You need to go to the rear section to find it.

In addition to the Toluna Wheel, there are also other small games you can play at times. The exact availability of these games depends on the country you live in.

Some of the games will reward you with points if you win, and others will just be for fun. But they are all free to participate in.

These games are easy to find, as there is a table in the menu for them.

Option 6 – The Toluna Blog:

Toluna has an official blog that can be quite interesting to follow if you are a member of the site. You can find a link to it a the bottom of their website.

It is not as such a way to earn, but it is updated with news often, and this is where you can also see new contests, previous winners, new additions to the platform, etc., and see more details about all these things.

So it can still be a good idea to check out the blog once in a while to keep updated about what is happening on the platform.

There is a blog for each country where Toluna is available, so you will only get information on the blog that is relevant and available to you and in your local language.

Option 7 – Mobile surveys:

As a member of Toluna, you can register your phone number on the site. The advantage of doing this is that you can opt-in to receive special mobile surveys via SMS.

You should not expect a huge number of extra surveys like this, but there are sometimes surveys that will be sent via SMS that are not available on the platform.

You can opt-out anytime, and Toluna is a trustworthy and reliable company, so you should not worry about they will misuse your number.

So if you want as many earning options as possible, it can be worth considering registering your mobile number. But you will also get plenty of surveys without registering your phone number.

How does Toluna pay you?

The earning opportunities on a survey site are not the only important thing. It is also very important how you will get paid.

On Toluna Influencers, you will earn points for every survey you do. These points can be exchanged into cash for your PayPal account, different vouchers, or products.

The exact gift cards and products you can get will depend on the country you live in.

In some countries, you can now also get paid in Bitcoin, but so far, this is only in very few countries this is available.

As you are earning points and not cash, it can be a bit confusing to figure out exactly how much you get for participating in a survey.

But once you have calculated it, you will know in the future what the points correspond to in your currency. I have calculated that in dollars, $1 is approximately 3000 points.

This can vary depending on your country and your currency, so it is a good idea to calculate for yourself as well.

Most surveys will give you between 2000-6000 points. Once you have done a survey, you will not be able to see the points on your account immediately. You can usually see them the day after, as the result and participation needs to be confirmed before you get your points.

How many points you need to get a payout depends on the country you live in. But usually, it will be around $7-$10, which is a fairly low payout threshold, and it will not take too long to reach with the number of surveys you can find on Toluna.

After you have requested a payout, it can take 3 weeks before you get the reward depending on your chosen reward. This used to be up to 8 weeks, so great they have improved this, in my opinion.

If you choose a product that needs to be shipped, it will, of course, take longer than cash through PayPal.

Personally, I have been paid by the platform many times. One of the times, I decided to record a video with Toluna payment proof, and you can see this video below:

So it is definitely possible to get paid through Toluna – like, with any other survey site, you just need to do it with the right expectations and know it will not make you rich.

Be aware that the points you earn on Toluna Influencers can expire.

16 months after you have earned points, they will expire and disappear from your account if you have not used them.

16 months is a pretty long time, and most people will probably also want to cash out as soon as possible. But if you like to gather as many as possible before cashing out, just remember not to wait too long.

How much money can you make?

It is fairly easy to make enough for a payout or a reward on Toluna. But how quickly you can do it, of course, depends on how often you do surveys, the country you live in, and if you use some of the other ways to earn points on the site.

From where I live, I have calculated that usually, you will spend around 10-15 min. for a survey that gives you 4000 points. That is definitely ok for a survey site. And at the same time, the surveys are often about interesting topics where it is great to have your opinion heard.

You can also create content on Toluna yourself and can get extra points for this. If you manage to make content that will get you a reward, it can be a pretty fast way to make a bit extra, as the polls and questions you can create take very little time to do.

But you will not know before you do it if you will get rewarded. It will give you between 100-1000 points – so if you do use this option, be sure to create something that is interesting for people to participate in.

You can also make extra points by inviting friends to join Toluna Influencers. Once you are logged in, you can see some buttons under your username, where you can share a link with your friends through social media or email. You will, however, only get 500 points (around 15 cents) for each friend that joins, so this is not a way to make very many points.Ezoic

Overall, Toluna Influencers can definitely make you some nice extra money on the side to pay for some bills, treat yourself with some extra luxury, or treat someone you care about.

Just remember, like, with any other survey site, you should not calculate an hourly pay and then see if it is worth joining.

Doing surveys will not give you a full-time income online or make you rich – that also goes for Toluna. But it can be a great and easy way to earn some nice extra money and at the same time have your opinion heard.

How to use Toluna Influencers?

To give an idea about how to find your way around Toluna and how to use the site, I have made the short guided video tour below.

I will show you exactly how to navigate and how to use Toluna so you can easily get started if you decide to join after reading this review.

Just be aware that the design has been updated since I recorded the video, but you will still be able to get a good idea of how it works, and then I will make sure to record a new video with the updated design asap:

Can you take Toluna surveys on mobile?

If you like to make a bit of money on the go, it is great to join survey sites with a mobile app or that are at least mobile-friendly.

Toluna is one of the sites with an app, and you can download the Toluna app for Android or iPhone.

It is fairly easy to use, but if you want to use it, I would recommend first signing up on the website and getting familiar with the options here, and then starting using the app.

In my opinion, the website still gives the best overview and experience, but the app is great and easy to use and can be a great addition and a quick way to check up on the options on the site during the day.

Can you get support?

How good support a company has often tells a lot about that company.

If you should need any help or technical support, I know from personal experience that Toluna’s support is quick at getting back to you. That tells a lot about the trustworthiness of a site.

However, this will be different from country to country as they have different support staff in each country that can help you out in your local language. So it might be different in your country. And from the feedback I have heard from visitors on my website from some countries, it can be quite slow in certain places.

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