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All About Tokopedia

Tokopedia is one of the online buying and selling sites in Indonesia which is developing relatively quickly and has the aim of making it easier for every person in Indonesia to be able to carry out various buying and selling transactions online. Apart from being able to enjoy the process of purchasing various products more easily and efficiently, you sellers can also sell online on Tokopedia. You can join the special Tokopedia Seller community for those of you who want to start a business and sell online or want to expand the business you are currently running. The registration process to become a Tokopedia Seller is also very easy, just enter your personal data, shop name, shop address, after that you will immediately be registered as a Tokopedia Seller.

You can also upgrade your shop account to become a Power Merchant to reach a wider range of Tokopedia customers, so that your online business sells even more. The advantage of Power Merchant is that you can provide the Free Shipping feature so you can attract more customers, then you can enjoy the TopAds feature which can reach a wider community of Tokopedia users with very minimal capital starting from IDR 25 thousand, so your shop will appear more prominent. more attractive and can increase buyer confidence. Come on, start selling online on Tokopedia and start developing your business online with Tokopedia.

Tokopedia is an e-commerce site in Indonesia that offers a variety of products and has made it the marketplace of choice for many Indonesians. Not only that, the presence of Tokopedia makes its users' online shopping experience easier, safer and more efficient. There are various features and payment methods that you can choose from, to ensure that your shopping activities are as comfortable as possible. Whether it's via bank transfer which can be done using accounts from various available banks, electronic money such as OVO, or installments. The shopping system at Tokopedia is also integrated with the systems of several expedition services.

This collaboration allows Tokopedia to provide free shipping offers, and allows shopping users to continue to track the delivery status of the products they purchase. So, any product purchased on Tokopedia, be it baby clothes, car accessories, camera accessories, trousers, watches, even electronic equipment such as cables and gaming equipment, or even food, you can continue to track its whereabouts to ensure it will arrive safely. Your personal data and all transactions you have made or will carry out on Tokopedia are protected by Tokopedia's privacy policy, so you don't need to worry that your data will fall into the hands of irresponsible parties and/or be misused. Because of these factors, Tokopedia is a solution for easy and safe online shopping.

Shop for Original Products at the Tokopedia Official Store

Tokopedia is a digital platform where you can shop for all your basic daily needs by simply using an application and an Internet connection. The ease of shopping online provided by Tokopedia will really help you save time and energy without having to wait in very long queues just to purchase the products you need. However, there are still many people who still lack trust in products provided online, ranging from fear of being cheated, to products that are not original. You don't need to be afraid when shopping at Tokopedia, in order to increase public trust, Tokopedia presents the Official Store, which provides various products with original quality and gets an official 7-day guarantee from Tokopedia! You can get basic necessities products at the Tokopedia Official Store such as clothing products such as from the Berrybenka shop which provides Outerwear (Cardigans, Blazers), Blouses, Women's Scarves, Dresses & Jumpsuits, to Basic Shirts which are suitable for women, then Fashion accessory products such as Backpacks, Shoulder Bags and Pouches from Eiger which provides various bags that are very suitable to be combined with fashion or for those of you who really like natural tourism such as camping in hilly areas to carry your various needs.

It would be incomplete if the fashion product was not accompanied by shoes. Tokopedia Official Store also has various local shoe shops which are of course quality, such as Brodo from Bandung city which sells shoes made from leather, suitable for wearing when working or attending formal events. Do you want to get electronic needs too? Tokopedia Official Store also does not forget to present various Smartphones and their necessities such as Sim-Cards starting from the Realme, Oppo and Smartfren brands which provide eSim-cards or Digital SIM Cards without having to insert a physical SIM-card into the Smartphone. Tokopedia sells various other premium smartphones which are provided original and complete at the Official Store, so you no longer have to shop for smartphones outside the home, just use the Tokopedia Official Store application. You can get other electronic devices such as Gaming Laptops at the Tokopedia Official Store by visiting MSI which has high specifications, then Epson to get a quality printer with Laser Printing technology.

You can also use the Tokopedia Official Store to shop for various motorbikes and their spare parts, for example Kawasaki at the Tokopedia Official Store which provides motorbike products such as the Kawasaki Ninja for sports motorbikes and the Kawasaki D-tracker for offroad motorbikes. Still not enough? At the Tokopedia Official Store there is also a very well-known multipurpose shop in Indonesia which is now presenting its shop so you can shop for other needs online, namely Miniso. Apart from that, you can also enjoy various vouchers from the Tokopedia Official Store when shopping for original products so that your shopping is more economical and profitable every day. Starting from Cashback Vouchers with Cashback in the form of OVO Points up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah, Free Shipping Vouchers up to tens of thousands of rupiah, they will always accompany you to shop economically and profitably. You can also take part in promotions from the Official Store such as Discount Promos with discounts of up to 50%. Come on, use the Tokopedia application immediately to shop for original and quality products at the Official Store, and use vouchers from the Official Store to get an economical and profitable shopping experience every day.

Tokopedia Collaborates with Various Local Sellers and Famous Brands

Tokopedia is an online shop that is in great demand by the public because it offers so many products and sellers are available from various regions throughout Indonesia. In this way, Tokopedia not only makes it easier for consumers and users who have a need to shop, but also many sellers in Indonesia who have the desire to develop their business. Utilizing online stores like Tokopedia not only makes sellers' businesses grow more, but also connects sellers with more consumers from various levels and regions in a very easy and simple way. Apart from private business owners, starting in 2019 Tokopedia is also collaborating with many brands so that they officially have their own official stores. Some of the official stores that have joined now are Samsung, Xiaomi, Gramedia, Wardah, and many more. Buying official products directly from the official store can of course guarantee the authenticity of the product and also the quality offered. Shopping online from official stores can also give you guaranteed guarantees and the best price offers, because brands offer the best vouchers and discounts for buyers.

There is also a local shoe brand that is currently in demand by Indonesian people, namely Compass Shoes, which sells its flagship sneaker products such as Compass Gazelle shoes and Compass vintage 98 shoes exclusively on Tokopedia through the official Compass Shoe store. Buying official products directly from the official store can of course guarantee the authenticity of the product and also the quality offered. Shopping online from official stores can also give you guaranteed guarantees and the best price offers, because brands offer the best vouchers and discounts for buyers.

As an online buying and selling site that is very trusted and has the most complete products in Indonesia. Tokopedia is one of the online stores with many enthusiasts from various age groups in society. Apart from being complete, the quality of the products sold on Tokopedia is also guaranteed. Because it is sold by trusted online sellers who are located nearby and spread across various regions in Indonesia. So, loyal Tokopedia consumers can easily enjoy the convenience of shopping online. The ease of shopping on this most complete buying and selling site is also supported through expansion or expansion of cooperation. Because now at Tokopedia, there is an official online store with various brands so that consumers' shopping comfort and satisfaction is increasingly guaranteed. And categorized by brand according to the form of product it sells. Like one of the well-known brands that sells various clothing products and cute Miniso knick-knacks, which are very well known by the Indonesian people. Currently, there are many well-known brands that are present on Tokopedia as official stores in a variety of ways. Not just clothes, because now you can get various types of sophisticated and newest electronic devices through the presence of various official stores producing sophisticated gadgets. Both in the form of smartphones and laptop products to support various activities.

Starting from Oppo as one of the well-known smartphone brands which currently has many fans in Indonesia. As a brand originating from China, its prestige in Indonesia is starting to overshadow other smartphone manufacturers. This is due to the very affordable price and also the quality which is able to compete very competitively in the market. Indonesian people also often use Oppo smartphone products as an alternative to smartphone products with similar specifications from other brands whose prices can be far above the price of Oppo smartphones. This manufacturer, which has been present in Indonesia since April 2013, has indeed introduced itself in Indonesia through the Oppo Find 5 product at that time. If at that time smartphones produced in China were trending with modest specifications that seemed copy-pasted, Oppo came with an elegant design and attractive features. Until now, you can get various Oppo smartphone products with guaranteed authenticity and quality. Of course, through the official online store of this well-known manufacturer on Tokopedia.

Apart from Oppo, the presence of the Vivo brand's official online store on Tokopedia also makes shopping for the latest smartphones on Tokopedia more choices. This smartphone manufacturer, which also originates from China, started to enter Indonesia in 2014 and also received very positive interest from the public. Because the quality and features presented in each product are also able to compete well with other well-known cellphone manufacturers. Both Oppo and Vivo are Android-based smartphones which currently have the top user positions in the world. You can get all the latest quality smartphone products on Tokopedia, through the convenience of online shopping. And of course, shopping is more reliable and safe through official stores for various cellphone brands that are currently present on Tokopedia.

Not only smart or sophisticated cell phone products, the need for personal computers can also be increasingly increased. Because now, the official online stores for Asus, HP, Acer and various other well-known computer manufacturers are also present on this trusted buying and selling site. Through various sophisticated computer products and various types of choices. For example, a laptop that can support various activities and your daily activities. Apart from that, laptops can of course also be used for various fun activities. Like a laptop with specifications and features suitable for playing video games. Or maybe used to create creative designs and edit multimedia files without fear of slowing down. Not only laptops and personal computers, various well-known manufacturers also present Tablet PCs that are no less sophisticated. Like the Asus Zenpad 7 or Acer Iconia one products, both of which have their own advantages, so you can choose which product is most suitable for your needs.

Shopping for various sophisticated device products on the online buying and selling site Tokopedia is now even more comfortable. Because buying official products directly through the official store can of course guarantee product quality and get products that are guaranteed to be genuine. Apart from that, you can also get official guarantees and the best price offers according to those prevailing on the market. Because the leading brands that are present through the official store on Tokopedia offer the best vouchers and discounts for their buyers. Apart from that, shopping at Tokopedia can also provide many other benefits. Because you can also enjoy free shipping promos or cashback promos at various official stores or selected products. Now meeting all communication and information needs can be done more easily, because various official stores for well-known cellphone and computer manufacturers are now available on Tokopedia. Come on, what are you waiting for, find promos that are no less interesting on the nation's children's collaboration page only on Tokopedia.

Find various other interesting services only on Tokopedia

At Tokopedia you also don't need to worry anymore about security, because Tokopedia provides insurance protection for every item you buy at Tokopedia. Apart from shopping and bill insurance, you can also apply for travel, vehicle and loan protection insurance by simply filling in the personal data form from the Tokopedia application.

Not only that, you can also apply for a credit card at several banks that collaborate with Tokopedia. With easy requirements and a fast process, you can make a credit card provided by UOB (United Overseas Bank), Citibank and MNC Bank. The advantage of making a credit card at Tokopedia is that all processes are done online, no need to queue, without any administration fees. Data confidentiality is guaranteed and you can also get a Tokopedia welcome gift card of up to 300 thousand.

You can also apply for online loans on Tokopedia for business capital, employees, education, BPKB collateral loans, and also instant funds for those of you who need funds in less than 24 hours. Tokopedia collaborates with Adira Finance, BFI Finance, and Julo which has been supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) which ensures your loan is legal and safe. Just set aside less than 5 minutes to fill in the form provided, your loan will be processed immediately without any hassle.

If you are reluctant to spend your money in the midst of this pandemic, you can also choose to save on Tokopedia, you know! Tokopedia has an investment feature to facilitate those of you who want to save safely without having to go to the bank. There are two investment options that you can make at Tokopedia, namely Mutual Funds and Gold Savings.

Mutual fund investment at Tokopedia collaborates with Bareksa, where the process is fast and security is guaranteed. The process of disbursing mutual funds on Tokopedia can be done instantly and without any admin fees. Registration only takes five minutes. Tokopedia mutual funds are very easy to understand and run, very suitable for beginners who are just learning to invest before playing in the stock market.

Or you can invest in gold which is supervised by Pegadaian Indonesia. There are many superior features ranging from instant buying and selling, gold missions, gold gifts, to subscriptions. All your investments are guaranteed to be safe and reliable because they are directly supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). By investing in Tokopedia, you can avoid investment fraud and other fraudulent investments which are very detrimental.

It doesn't stop there, Tokopedia also provides various kinds of digital products to support your holiday needs. Before traveling to the area you want to go to, it's a good idea to prepare your holiday needs carefully.

Now, you don't need to bother looking for and ordering plane tickets because almost all flight routes are available on Tokopedia. Not just planes, you can also order other means such as trains with various travel routes easily here. Also get various discounts and attractive promotions which are certainly profitable for you!

Also complete your holiday by booking hotels online and practically via Tokopedia. There are various hotel choices available according to the type of accommodation you want and your budget, ranging from hotels, apartments, guest houses, to villas, all of which you can book with just a few clicks via your browser screen or cellphone. Don't miss out on various attractive hotel promos at certain times that you can only get on Tokopedia!

For those of you who want to fill your holiday time by visiting various playgrounds or other exciting events, now you can also get all of that on Tokopedia. For example, you can order tickets to enter Bali Zoo, Dufan, Water Park, and even tickets to the Jazz Goes To Campus concert event quickly and practically. You can immediately check and buy event tickets as well as various playground promos on the event calendar provided. Apart from events, you can also buy various food & vouchers that can be used for various food outlets and your favorite clothing outlets. Not to forget for gamers, Tokopedia also offers a variety of exciting game voucher choices such as Mobile Legend, PUBG, Free Fire, and many more.

During the holidays, you also don't need to worry about all the dependents and daily needs that must be met. Tokopedia provides electricity bill payment services and PLN token refills with various payment methods. Your credit or internet data package ran out while you were on holiday? By using Tokopedia, you can freely choose and top up credit and data packages anytime and anywhere. Apart from that, you can also use the Tokopedia WAR Discount promo every 2 pm to get shopping benefits! What are you waiting for? Fulfill all your holiday needs now on Tokopedia.

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