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Sitechecker is All-in-One SEO Platform. We strongly believe that great content deserves great ranking.

Website SEO Checker & Audit Tool

for Reportingfor Alertingfor Insightsfor Forecasting

Start monitoring how external and internal changes impact your website's technical health, organic search traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Monitor website for issues and opportunities

Improve your website’s on-page and technical SEO

Run a website crawler to get a technical SEO audit whether you are launching a site, moving your website, or looking for ways to improve search performance.

Turn data from your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts into actions

Google Search Console and Google Analytics collects valuable data about your website. But they don't tell you what to do based on this data. Sitechecker SEO dashboard will.

Get personalized step-by-step SEO instructions

Sitechecker analyzes your search performance every day and updates your to-do list based on changes happening in terms of your website content, website rankings, or backlinks.

Monitor all your website’s changes 24/7

The more profitable your project is, the more expensive each error costs. Monitor website changes to keep your business running.

Get clear keywords reports with an accurate rank tracker

Track website keyword rankings regularly, find out what of your actions led to growth and be the first to know when something critical happens.

Control all the backlinks you’ve built

Monitor and analyze all the backlinks you have found or built for your website. Be the first to know when the links get lost and bring them back to life.

Save time with Chrome Extension

Check on page SEO for any landing page in just one click. Check meta tags, keyword density, images, links, hreflang tags, page speed, and others by the SEO extension.

Keep your website safety and protected from hacking

Check your site security and find out issues that can lead to hacking the site by scammers. Use our website safety checker to test partners' sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO checker?

Sitechecker's SEO checker is a valuable tool that can quickly scan any web page of your site and identify technical errors and SEO issues that may be affecting your website's performance. By generating a comprehensive report of errors found on your web page, Sitechecker allows you to pinpoint areas that require improvement and take steps to optimize your site for maximum visibility and search engine rankings.

How does an SEO checker work?

Sitechecker's SEO analyzer crawls your entire site, identifying over 300 potential issues that could negatively impact your SEO, such as broken links, redirects, HTTP status codes, 404 pages, 5xx server errors, meta titles, and more – all for each URL. The tool generates a comprehensive report with issues grouped by category and SEO importance, along with step-by-step guides to help you address and fix each issue and improve your website's SEO performance.

What is a website SEO score?

Website Score is the internal metric that we use in Site Audit. It helps to measure the technical excellence in terms of SEO of a website. It can be really helpful for tracking the progress you make with Sitechecker and the impact of fixing the errors found. To make a long story short, a site score can be described as a ratio between the issues and the quantity of all the pages on your site. Website Score is an average score across all website pages. By default, each page has 100 points. And we deduct the cost of each error from those 100 points.

How can I improve my SEO score?

To improve your SEO score, it's essential to address any issues that have been identified on your site. In order to maximize the impact of your efforts, it's important to prioritize fixing critical issues first, as they can have a more significant negative impact on your website's SEO health. Additionally, it's important to understand the number of pages affected by each error. In some cases, even if an issue is classified as a warning, if it affects a large number of pages, resolving it can have a significant positive impact on your SEO score.

Can I download or share the results of my website's SEO check?

We offer several options for sharing the results of your SEO scan, including the ability to download a PDF summary or full report of the site audit, export all HTML pages or specific issue types to a spreadsheet, and generate a sitemap of affected pages. You can also share your project via email or a shareable link, and manage permissions for those with whom you share it.

Can you assist me in resolving the issues identified by Sitechecker?

Regrettably, we are currently unable to correct technical errors on clients' websites. However, you can utilize our detailed how-to-fix guides. Alternatively, you may copy the report link and share it with your developer, webmaster, or SEO specialist, or create a task for freelancers on specialized marketplaces.

Why should I fix technical errors if top online business giants, have them, too?

Consider that some websites accent their own efforts on getting traffic from referrals and social, email, and direct sources, but not search engines. In this case, some errors aren't so important for them. Also, for a huge website with different ways of hedging, a couple of errors aren't critical. But for your website, they can be fatal.


Our journey had begun in 2016 when Sitechecker was firstly introduced to the world. Since then, we have been successfully helping millions of people to solve the exhausted problem IT specialists have since the internet was invented – how to make your website better. But that is not all: now thousands of ordinary people use Sitechecker to analyze their websites, find errors and weak spots. Using our service, they found the ways on how to fix them, and thereby improve website’s overall performance and Google ranking.

2016 – for SEO specialists, by SEO specialists

We started with a simple idea to help SEO specialists check websites. Knowing the pains and pitfalls of SEO from our own experience, we created an On-Page SEO checker with simple but clear design to use within our company Boosta. Then not only our colleagues but other people started to use the tool: friends, friends of our friends who have friends as well. They suggested some improvements and we decided to introduce the product to market. This is when Sitehecker started its development.

2017/2018 – soon the first customers come

Our five-man team released a Website Audit Tool for checking website technical errors. This brought us first customers and new opportunities for growth. Then we created white label SEO reports for growing your customers’ loyalty. Based on your feedback, we completely redesigned the interface of Sitechecker. The speed of service grew twice and started to find more essential mistakes. In 2018, our team launched Sitechecker extension for Chrome that helps to improve your website for both: users and search engines. Since then, we’ve been constantly creating new tools and adding new features to existing instruments, developing new free mini-tools and writing our own blog.

2019 – it’s like the second birthday

The Sitechecker team moved forward and launched Rank Tracker, Backlink Tracker and SERP Checker Tools. We got more customers and employees on board. It was time to offer more and we added a dashboard with Google Analytics and Google Search Console integrations as well.

2020 – onwards and upwards

We updated core design, strengthened the team and started to release new features each month. More is yet to come…

Sitechecker by the numbers

2016Year founded

250K+Website users/month

100K+Websites checked/month

7M+Errors found/month

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