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Top PointsRoboForex Ltd is an international forex broker operating out of Belize with millions of clients from many countries. The company offers over 12,000 financial instruments grouped under 8 asset types with an extensive range of trading platforms. Its key features include a range of accounts designed for different trading levels and commission-free trading on pro accounts.

This RoboForex review will explain all you need to know about the broker.

Supported Countries

RoboForex (also RoboFX) accepts traders worldwide, including Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. The broker also offers support in fifteen languages so clients from the supported countries can communicate clearly with the support team. 

However, their services are restricted in the United States due to the country’s restrictions. Therefore, United States residents can’t trade assets on Roboforex. The broker is also restricted in some countries, including South Africa, Canada, Japan, Australia, Bonaire, Brazil, Curaçao, East Timor, Indonesia, Iran, Liberia, Saipan, Russia, Sint Eustatius, Tahiti, Turkey, Guinea-Bissau, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, South Sudan.

Note: You should confirm that RoboForex’s services are available for traders in your country of residence. If they accept clients from your home country, you can check out their services even if they lack regulation in your home country, provided they are regulated in an alternate jurisdiction that is deemed acceptable.

Customer Service Rating

RoboForex has a 2.8 rating based on 268 reviews on Trustpilot. The bulk of the negative reviews come from many years back, while most of the positive reviews are in recent years. This trend from negative to positive reviews would suggest that RoboForex has improved its customer service over the years.

Customers particularly praise the broker’s quality of services, stable execution, and fast funding/withdrawing. They allow clients to trade various assets, including Gold, Indices, Stocks, and Crypto.


RoboForex supports multiple trading platforms. Each platform can be installed on an iOS or Android device or computer.

  • MetaTrader 4: This classic trading platform is available for Android devices, PC (windows) downloads, and web browser applications. The MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal is also available as a PC Windows download.
  • MetaTrader 5: The MetaTrader 5 software is the advanced version of the MetaTrader 4 and offers advanced trading tools. It is available for Android and Windows PC and as a web browser application.
  • R WebTrader: This is a proprietary web trading platform designed by RoboForex for trading on MT4 accounts. It offers fast switching between accounts, analytics tools, and market news. It is also available on iOS and Android as the R MobileTrader.
  • cTrader: A platform for advanced traders with ambitious trading strategies and advanced requirements. It is available in 22 languages on iOS and Android devices.

Type of Trading Accounts on RoboForex

RoboForex offers five types of accounts: Prime, ECN, R StocksTrader, ProCent, and Pro. These five types offer both demo trading and real trading. Real trading is for traders who want to start trading immediately with real money. The demo trading is for beginners and traders who want to experiment with new trading strategies. Trading is open 24 hours a day from 12:00:01 AM (Eastern European Time) Monday to 11:58:59 PM Eastern European Time) Friday. 

  • Prime:  The prime trading account is ideal for beginners and experienced traders. It offers trading instruments in 28 currency pairs, metals, CFDs on US stocks, indices, oil, and cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is 10 USD/10 EUR and a floating spread starting from 0 pips. The account provides a commission for a trading volume of 1 million USD and offers maximum leverage of 1:300
  • ECN: The ECN trading account is ideal for experienced traders who want competitive trading conditions and high trading execution speed. It offers trading instruments in 36 currency pairs, metals, and cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is 10 USD/10 EUR and a floating spread starting from 0 pips. The account provides a commission for a trading volume of 1 million USD and offers a maximum leverage of 1:500
  • R StocksTrader: The R StocksTrader is a trading account type only accessible via the R WebTrader and R MobileTrader. It offers over 12,000 trading instruments in forex, indices, stocks, CFDs, EFTs, metals, and cryptocurrencies. It is ideal for traders using automated (algorithmic) trading strategies. The minimum deposit is 100 USD, and a spread starts from 0.01 USD. The account offers maximum leverage of 1:300.
  • ProCent: The ProCent trading account is for beginners transitioning from demo account trading to real trading with small sums of money. It offers trading instruments in 36 currency pairs, metals, and cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is 10 USD/10 EUR, and a floating spread starts from 1.3 pips. The account offers maximum leverage of 1:2000.
  • Pro: The Pro trading account is the perfect choice for beginners. It allows them to trade on a wide range of assets. It offers trading instruments in 28 currency pairs, metals, CFDs on US stocks, indices, oil, and cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is 10 USD/10 EUR, and a floating spread starts from 1.3 pips. The account offers maximum leverage of 1:2000.

Trading Denominations

There are different trading base currencies available to traders using the Roboforex platform. These currencies include AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, EUR, GBP, JPY, MXN, NZD, PLN, PLN, USD, and ZAR.


RoboForex is a member of the RoboForex Group, which also operates RoboMarkets. The broker is domiciled in Belize, while the parent company (RoboForex Group) has its headquarters in the European Union.

Roboforex began operations in 2009 as a New Zealand-based company, then moved to Belize in 2014. From its inception, the broker has focused on providing the best trading experience to beginners and experienced traders alike. The broker is currently ranked as the leading broker in the world. 

RoboForex License and Regulatory Compliance

RoboForex, unlike many popular international brokers, comply with only one regulatory body. While other RoboForex reviews suggest that CySEC regulates the broker, only one regulator is named on the broker’s website. Here is what we know about RoboForex’s singular regulator:

  • FSC: RoboForex has a special brokerage license from the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Belize, where it is headquartered. The FSC license number is 000138/333, allowing them to trade financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities.

Customer Support

All clients get 24/7 customer support via email, live chat, and phone. The support is available in over fifteen languages, including Spanish, Arabic, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Malay Thai, Asian, Polish, and English. There is also an FAQ section that answers most beginner questions.

Asides from its physical office address at 2118 Guava Street, Belama Phase 1, Belize City, Belize, traders can access the broker’s website, email at, or the company’s phone no – +593 964 256 286. A swift and responsive customer support representative is also available via live chat on the broker’s website.


As expected of one of the world's most popular brokers, Roboforex has gone the extra mile to protect its clients' investments and funds. The broker's safety measures include:

  • AML: RoboForex complies with the international AML (Anti-money laundering) policy as regulated by the Financial Services Commission
  • Compensation Fund: The compensation fund offers up to €20,000 per case for traders when a participant doesn't comply with a judgment in favor of the trader from the Financial Services Commission. The fund is funded by monthly fees paid by participants of the FSC.
  • Civil Liability insurance program: The broker also provides insurance protection for a limit of 2,500,000 EUR for events that may lead to clients' financial losses.
  • VMT: RoboForex has a Verify My Trade (VMT) certificate that confirms its compliance with the strict requirements of the Financial Services Commission. Brokerers with the VMT certificate must regularly submit their trading records to prove their compliance with the requirements of the Financial Commission.


RoboForex offers many robust features to ensure traders have everything they need for a smooth trading experience. For instance, they allow automated (algorithmic) trading strategies via their R StocksTrader platform. They also allow hedging so traders can insure against potential loss. However, they do not have mandatory stop-loss and take-profit requirements. More details are discussed in the following sections.

Tradable Assets

Clients can trade thousands of instruments from a range of 8 trading assets. RoboForex trading assets are:

  • Forex: Forex accounts for much of the trading volumes on RoboForex. Over 40 currency pairs are available on the platform, including EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, and EURGBP. The market is open 24/5 days a week and has a daily turnover of $5 trillion. They also offer spot and CFDs forex trading.
  • Stocks: RoboForex allows traders to invest in over 12,000 trading instruments on the stocks of the largest companies in the world, including the USA. Popular company stocks include Netflix, Facebook, Siemens, Google, and Amazon. However, the broker does not offer its services to USA residents. They offer real stock investment instruments and stock CFDs.
  • Indices: Investors looking to profit from the overall price movement in stocks or bonds can invest in indices on the RoboForex under exclusive conditions.
  • ETF: ETFs are great for traders and investors looking to diversify their portfolios with minimal cost. There are over 1,000 ETFs available for trading on RoboForex.
  • Commodities: Clients can trade RoboForex soft commodities via the R StocksTrader. RoboForex offers more than 100 commodities ETFs.
  • Metals: Investors looking to hedge their funds from inflation can invest in over 20 trading instruments on metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Nickel, and Palladium.
  • Energy commodities: Financial instruments within the energy commodities asset class, such as natural gas and oil, are available via ETFs and CFDs trading. Traders can access these instruments via MetaTrader 4 and R StocksTrader platforms.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency trading is also supported 24 hours every day of the week by the platform. It offers 33 crypto instruments via cryptocurrency CFDs and crypto-associated ETFs. Trading is available through MT4 and MT5, and R StocksTrader.

Deposits and Withdrawal Channels and Requirements

RoboForex allows traders to fund their accounts without additional costs. They also offer commission-free withdrawal on “Free Funds Withdrawal” promotion days. The account funding options include bank payments, electronic payments, bank cards, and QR & Vouchers. Here are more details:

  • Bank payments: you can fund your account using bank transfer (SEPA) or local bank transfer (only available for specific countries). SEPA takes up to three days to process deposits and withdrawals. 

The minimum amount for deposits and withdrawals is 500 EUR. You can deposit up to 100,000 EUR but only withdraw 49.990 EUR at the time. There is also a 1.5% withdrawal fee on non-promotion days. Local bank transfers support up to 15,000 USD or equivalent for deposits and 20,000 USD or equivalent for withdrawals. Deposits and withdrawals take one day to process, and there is an up to 4% withdrawal fee.

  • Electronic payments: Electronics payment options include AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, and AdvCash. The minimum deposit amount is $5 (Perfect Money), and the maximum is Neteller (50,000 USD). You can withdraw as little as 0.1 USD via AdvCash and Perfect Money. Withdrawal fees range from 0.5% to 1.9%. Allow up to 1 day for deposits and withdrawal processing.
  • Bank cards: Traders can fund them using VISA, MasterCard, China UnionPay (CUP), or Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) cards. The minimum deposit is $10, and withdrawals range from $10 to $10,000. Deposits and withdrawals take up to one day to process, and withdrawal fees go up to 2.6% + 1.3 USD.
  • QR & Vouchers: Depending on your country, you can fund your account using Western Union, QR, or Vouchers. The minimum deposit is $10, while the maximum is $500.


Here is an overview of the deposit process on Roboforex.

Payment SystemProcessing TimeMinimum DepositMaximum Deposit
Bank Transfer (SEPA)up to 3 days500 EUR100,000 EUR
Local Bank Transferup to 1 day15,000 USD
AstroPayup to 1 day10 USD10,000 USD
Skrillup to 1 day10 USD25,000 USD
Netellerup to 1 dayup to 50,000 USD
Perfect Moneyup to 1 day5 USD25,000 USD
AdvCashup to 1 day10 USD49,999 USD
VISA/MasterCard/JCB/CUPup to 1 dayfrom 10 USD
QR & Vouchersup to 1 day10 USD500 USD
Western Unionup to 1 day10 USD500 USD


Here is an overview of the withdrawal process on Roboforex.

Payment SystemProcessing TimeMinimum WithdrawalMaximum Withdrawal
Bank Transfer (SEPA)up to 3 days500 EUR49,990 EUR
Local Bank Transferup to 1 dayup to 20,000 USD
AstroPayup to 1 day1010,000 USD
Skrillup to 1 day1100,000 USD
Netellerup to 1 day5100,000 USD
Perfect Moneyup to 1 dayfrom 0.1 USD
AdvCashup to 1 day0.149,999 USD
VISA/MasterCard/JCB/CUPup to 10 days1010,000 USD

Trading Education and Training

RoboForex offers a comprehensive range of educational resources for traders. The broker provides informative video tutorials and written guides covering the financial market's fundamentals. Additionally, the broker's analytical tools encompass RoboForex analysis and forecasts, an economic calendar, and a data center to assist traders in making informed decisions.

In addition to these features, RoboForex maintains a blog where their in-house experts share their insights on current events and trading strategies. This blog is a valuable resource for traders, providing further guidance and knowledge to enhance their trading skills. 

RoboForex Details

$5 Minimum Deposit
$10 Welcome Bonus
Regulated in Belarus
Platform Security
Risk-Free & Money-Back
Services & Features
Customer Service
5.0 Overall Rating

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