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About Ria Money Transfer

International money transfer made easy

Learn why millions of people trust Ria Money Transfer with their hard-earned money. Compare and save to get low fees and great exchange rates on international money transfers to 165+ countries. Use the Ria currency calculator to see total fees and live exchange rates on any money you send.

Why choose Ria Money Transfer

35+ years of trusted experience


Send money in seconds to your loved ones across the world.


Feel secure knowing we’ve sent over a billion safe transfers.


Enjoy our no hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stay connected

Compare and save with great rates and low fees

Carry the latest prices in your pocket. With no hidden fees, the money you send to your friends and family goes further. Check the most up-to-date rates at anytime for easy sending to over

Ways to send money

Convenient ways to send to 165+ countries

Send online

Use our website to check rates and send money from the comfort of home

Send with our app

Send and track your money transfers on the go with our mobile app

Send in person

Pay in cash at a store located conveniently near you

More ways to receive money

Cash pick-up

Visit one of our convenient Ria locations located near you

Bank account

Send and receive money directly to a bank account

Mobile money/wallet

Transfer money to and from an e-wallet in minutes

Mobile app

Try our secure and easy-to-use money transfer app

Send money on the go with the Ria app. Check for great rates, enjoy faster repeat transfers with a few taps, and find the closest payout and send locations from anywhere.

Here's Htory

How one small store grew to be one of the largest money transfer services in the world


The first Ria store opens in New York City with one goal: to help people send money to their loved ones back home


Ria expands to Spain, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Australia, Belgium, and Switzerland


Ria is acquired by Euronet Worldwide, a leader in processing secure, electronic financial transactions


Ria expands to India and Senegal


We're online! Ria announces RiaMoneyTransfer.com


Walmart partners with Ria to create Walmart-2-Walmart domestic money transfer service. Euronet acquires HiFX, a UK-based foreign exchange broker and payments provider


IME is acquired by Euronet; Ria expands to the Middle East and Malaysia. Euronet acquires XE, a Canadian-based online foreign exchange tools and services company


Walmart partnership expands into Chile through Lider branded supermarkets


Ria celebrates 30 years and opens new cash payout network in India; Asda Money Transfer Powered by Ria launches in the UK

2019 and beyond

Ria expands with more locations and new partnerships to continue serving the people who matter most- our customers


With a worldwide network of 507,000 locations in 160 countries, we continue to make the world a smaller place by closing distances between families and their loved ones through world-class money transfers. We also offer bill payment, mobile top-ups, prepaid debit cards, check cashing, and money orders. With every service that we provide, we work hard to provide the most positive experience possible.

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Ria Money Transfer
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