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RedSwitches Is a global hosting provider offering Dedicated Servers, Infrastructure As a Service, Managed Solutions & Smart Servers in 20 global locations with the latest hardware and premium networks.

Instant Dedicated Servers

Pre-Configured Instant Dedicated Servers Built Specifically For Startups & Enterprises. Choose Over 420+ Ready To Deploy Machines Across 20 Locations.

Powerful Bare Metal
& Dedicated Servers

100% Dedicated & Customizable. Up and Running in Less Than 4 Hours. No Hidden Costs. Hassle-Free Management.

  • Latest Intel & AMD CPUs
  • Remote Reboot & Reinstall Panel
  • Live 24/7 Expert Support
  • Quick Provisioning
  • Free Server Management
  • 20+ Global Server Locations

Solutions Built For Enterprises On
Managed Cloud Servers

Unlock superior performance, total control, and ultimate security with our Managed Cloud Hosting. Tailored solutions designed to meet your applications’ demanding needs.​

Video Streaming

Supercharge your Streaming Platforms and step into the future of video streaming with our Highly Optimized Server.

Enterprise Hosting Solutions

Our bare metal server solutions provide enterprises with on-demand access to enterprise-class infrastructure.

Crypto Hosting

Boost your Crypto POS projects with our Powerful AMD based Bare Metals Servers. Tailored for crypto operations.

CDN & VPN Hosting

Bring your CDN & VPN apps to life with our superior bare metal servers. Engineered for excellence.

High Availability Server

Secure your mission-critical applications with our tailor-made High Availability Server Clusters.

File Storage Solution

Our bare metal servers are great for enterprises' high-volume public or private file storage needs.


Simple Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions For Your Big Ideas!

Fixed Cost with No Hidden Charges

Enjoy our premium managed cloud servers without worrying about increasing costs or hidden charges. Get a single invoice every month based on the amount discussed initially. Our managed cloud server hosting solutions allow businesses to be 100% in control of their server’s security & performance.

Cloud Hosting With Managed Servers

Rest assured; businesses enjoy optimal performance when choosing RedSwitches for managed cloud servers since all the resources are allocated to you and just you. This ensures you get the best performance since we design, assemble, and maintain these servers based on your project’s configuration needs.


With RedSwitches, you don’t have to worry about scalability. Our team ensures that the managed servers scale with your business’s growing needs for uncompromised performance and a lag-free experience. We only need 4 hours to add to your existing managed cloud hosting package.

Optimal Support

Issues can arise at any time of the day. That’s why our support team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We can be contacted through our live chat or support tickets based on how urgent your issue is – and our personalized customer support ensures you get the answer needed without juggling ten different departments.

Bare-Metal Servers FAQ

What are instant dedicated servers?

Instant dedicated servers are single-tenant hosting solutions delivered instantly after payment confirmation. 

These servers are for the exclusive use of a single user and are fully flexible and customizable. We allow you to choose all hardware and software components and ensure instant setup of your dedicated server.

How long does it take to deliver instant servers?

In the case of a dedicated server, instant delivery is the feature our customers value the most. Our instant dedicated servers are usually delivered within four hours of payment confirmation. Keep in mind that setting up your server, configuring the software, and transferring your data takes additional time.

How many servers can we order at a time?

There is no limit to how many servers you can order at a time. However, we highly encourage discussing your requirements with our customer support team before placing the order.

RedSwitches Details

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