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We are an international group, recognized as 4th Best Employer in the Travel & Leisure industry by Forbes. Ten distinctive brands. More than 1,160 hotels in operation and under development in EMEA & APAC.

Radisson Hotel Group, your first choice

Our long-term vision is to be the company of choice for guests, owners and talent. Whenever a guest plans a trip, or an investor or owner is thinking of a partner, or whenever someone is looking for a career in the hospitality industry, they will all think of Radisson Hotel Group first.

We are Radisson Hotel Group

An international and dynamic hotel group. Ten distinctive brands. More than 1,160 hotels in operation and under development in EMEA and APAC.

Our way of being

At Radisson Hotel Group we strive to be the first choice in the mind of guests, owners and talent. In our journey to achieve this, we practice strong beliefs and actions that respect the diversity of people, the community, ethics and the planet.

An international presence

We are present in over 95 countries with ten distinctive brands. Together with our partners, we continue to develop new hotels and generate synergies to go much further.

People at the heart of our business

Our team is committed to extra thoughtful care and is passionate about delivering an amazing hotel experience. While each of our team members at Radisson Hotel Group plays a unique role, they all serve as brand ambassadors working to deliver memorable moments and turn guests into passionate brand advocates.

Our history summarized in a timeline

Scien 1960 At Radisson Hotel Group we never stop searching for new ways to serve our guests, provide opportunities for our owners and business partners and become leaders. Our company, that began in Copenhagen, Denmark with the launch of the world’s first designer hotel, has grown to span the world and continues to offer new locations every year. Let's look back and get to know our history a little better.

Consumer Safety Alerts

At Radisson Hotel Group, the safety and security of our guests is very important. As you may be aware, Onity Brand Locks has been the subject of recent media attention surrounding lock effectiveness. As a measure of added precaution, Radisson Hotel Group leadership has provided lock improvement guidelines, direct from the manufacturer to all franchise hotel’s currently with Onity Brand Locks in use. For more detailed information related to this matter, please visit the Onity brand website.

Consumer Scam Alerts

Lottery or Lucky Draw Scam

Radisson Hotel Group is aware of individuals based in China, with no association to the Radisson Hotel Group suite of hotel brands, claiming to be legitimate employees of Radisson Hotel Group or or loosely affiliated with Radisson Hotel Group in an official or unofficial capacity – these individuals have attempted to contact consumers with misinformation and claims of winning fictitious contests or games of luck, chance or some form of sweepstakes, in an attempt to convince unwitting consumers to turn over bank details and/or other sensitive personal information as a demand to receive these fictitious winnings (in the form of either cash or cash vouchers) that do not exist as a part of any Radisson Hotel Group consumer promotion offer. Radisson Hotel Group in no way operates in this manner and encourages consumers to contact us directly with any information as soon as possible.

Make My Holiday Scam

Radisson Hotel Group is also aware of numerous unsolicited fraudulent calls being made to consumers claiming to be employed or affiliated with any one of the Radisson Hotel Group brands – offering accommodations (to any Radisson hotel worldwide) to unwitting consumers if they agree to pay an initial deposit over the phone via credit card. Radisson Hotel Group and its affiliate brands has no connection with any such offer, nor have we as a brand or otherwise sponsored any such promotions or offers.

Employment Scam

A number of unsolicited fraudulent emails have circulated purporting to offer employment at one of the Radisson Hotel Group brands hotels – most commonly either Radisson or the Park Inn hotel brand – in the regions of Nigeria, Benin, India and the United Kingdom. These emails primarily target job-seekers who have posted their biographical information on internet websites and can often be identified by misspellings, poor grammar and unusual return addresses within the correspondence. The emails may include what appears to be official-looking documents as attachments and purport to offer employment to jobseekers without the need for in-depth interviews. The perpetrators then request sensitive personal information (including passport information, social security numbers or other personal data) and/or demand payment of fees to third parties – allegedly for work permits or visas. This is not a hiring practice within any Radisson Hotel Group brand or its affiliates, is not a legitimate communication from our organization and should be dismissed, reported and/or ignored.

Our General Recommendation

Regarding consumer product offers in any way associated with Radisson Hotel Group, we encourage you to not provide sensitive personal information or submit payment to third parties in response to such offers. To confirm the validity of any questionable notification, communication or offer connected with Radisson Hotel Group or our affiliates, please contact us immediately at the Radisson Hotel group Customer Support center.

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Radisson Hotels
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