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What is Profi ?

Profi is a service that helps clients and specialists meet.

Clients find here professionals to solve any problem – tutors, driving instructors, plumbers, hairdressers. In total, Profi has more than  2,300,000 specialists in  900 types of services.

Private specialists and companies find clients with the help of Pro. Every day more than  20 thousand new orders appear on our website.

How can a client choose a specialist?

Enter the specialist or service you need into the search bar on the website and answer a few questions – when to start work, what budget you are counting on, where it is convenient to meet.

The order will appear on the website, specialists will offer their services and prices. Choose the right one: based on reviews, ratings, examples of work. Pay attention to the “Passport verified” mark on the application form. Searching for a specialist is free. And for the work performed, you pay the specialist directly in a convenient way.

How can a specialist find an order?

All orders are visible in your personal account. Choose the one that suits you – according to budget, timing, location. Send a response – an offer to the client of your services. With your response, the client will receive your phone number and will be able to contact you.

Several specialists may respond to an order. The client himself chooses the appropriate one.

On Pro you pay for a completed order or for a response, depending on your specialty.

After completing the work, you will receive the money directly from the client, the entire amount will remain with you.

How do reviews appear on the Pro website ?

Once the specialist has confirmed that the order has been completed, we will ask the client to leave feedback on his work.

All reviews on the site are real: only a person who has found a specialist through the Profi website can publish a review.

Who is responsible for the result?

We do not provide services, but help specialists and clients meet. It is important for us that the service we create is reliable and safe.

What we do:

  • — We ask all specialists to undergo a document check. Those who did this can be easily found by checking the “Passport verified” mark in the application form;
  • — We publish only verified reviews. With the help of reviews, clients can form an impression of a specialist; — we block specialists and clients who violate the rules of the service ;
  • — We help to understand difficult situations. If you encounter any difficulties while working, please contact our support feedback@profi.ru .

What we recommend to you:

  • — check the documents of the person you will work with. Write down your passport and registration details;
  • — if the specialist you chose is not the one who comes to you, refuse his services and inform us about it;
  • — before starting work, draw up an agreement . This will ensure that both parties correctly understand the task and conditions;
  • — if you transfer money or valuables to a specialist, issue a receipt ;
  • – choose specialists who give a guarantee. The terms of the guarantee are usually specified in the application form.

The most important

  • 2,300,000 specialists
    in  900 types of services
  • More than 1000 cities where the service is present
  • Only real reviews and only from Pro clients
  • A professional accompanies every order

Contact Information

Office in Moscow:

125252, Moscow,st. Aircraft designer Mikoyan, 12,tel. 

+7 (495) 540-46-03

Address for correspondence:

125252, Moscow,st. Aircraft designer Mikoyan, 12 (PROFI.RU)LLC “PROFI.RU”OGRN 1167746641303

For the press


To send legally significant messages to the service owner, including for state and municipal authorities:


For law enforcement agencies:


Other contacts

8 (800) 333-85-93

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