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PopAds presents itself as the premier advertising network specializing in popunders, offering unmatched earning potential and a comprehensive suite of solutions. The platform guarantees superior payouts, surpassing any other popunder ad network. Users are invited to register and witness the extraordinary possibilities firsthand, preparing to be astonished by the results achieved.

PopAds for Publishers

PopAds stands as the highest and fastest paying ad network in the market, specifically designed for popunders. Publishers benefit from a range of features and controls, allowing them to optimize their earnings effectively.


Publishers enjoy complete control over their advertising campaigns with PopAds. They can set their minimum bid, select popunders with autoplaying sound and video ads, or choose to serve additional popups/popunders based on their preferences. The flexibility extends to customizing the popunder frequency, aligning it with the website’s interests to maximize revenue.

Liberal Terms

PopAds welcomes publishers of all sizes, without any minimum traffic requirements. The platform provides an inclusive environment where publishers, regardless of their website’s scale, can join and effectively monetize their traffic.

Realtime Stats

Publishers have access to realtime reports and charts, ensuring they stay informed about the performance of their advertising campaigns. This data empowers publishers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies for better results.

Countries for Popunders

PopAds caters to advertisers from more than 50 countries, including North America, Western Europe, Australia, India, and Southern Asia. This wide reach enables publishers to expand their audience globally through the international advertising network provided by PopAds.

Using Other Popunder/Popup Networks

While it is possible to use other popunder or popup networks alongside PopAds, it is important to note that doing so may impact earnings. The ad codes from other networks can interfere with PopAds code, resulting in lower revenue. To mitigate this, it is recommended to set another ad network as the default code when generating the adcode.

Pop-up Blockers and Earnings

PopAds employs a popunder code that circumvents most popup blockers. By opening the popunder when a user clicks anything on the site, PopAds ensures that earnings are not affected by these blockers, guaranteeing effective reach to the target audience.

PopAds Code with Google Adsense

While Google allows up to three pop-ups or pop-unders on a website, it is important to review Google’s guidelines and ensure compliance when using PopAds code alongside Google Adsense. PopAds cannot guarantee Google’s policies or take responsibility for any actions related to Google Adsense.

Acceptance of Adult Websites

PopAds accepts adult websites as long as the content is legal. Publishers running adult-oriented websites can still benefit from the high-paying network provided by PopAds and effectively monetize their traffic.

Withdrawal Frequency

Publishers can request a withdrawal at any time once they reach the minimum withdrawal limit. PopAds processes withdrawal requests on a daily basis, providing flexibility for publishers to access their earnings as needed.

PopAds for Advertisers

Advertisers are presented with a host of advantages to enhance their advertising campaigns through PopAds.

Full Control

PopAds offers advertisers complete control over their campaigns, providing various targeting options such as category, keyword, country, society, device, website, and even time. Advertisers can adjust their maximal bid at any time to control the speed and quality of their traffic effectively.

Rate Control

Advertisers have the power to determine the cost of popunders through PopAds’ state-of-the-art bidding system. By choosing the amount they are willing to pay for each popunder, advertisers can optimize their budgets and achieve the desired level of traffic quality. Bidding starts at $1.00 USD per 1000 popunders, providing flexibility to suit advertisers’ budgets.

No Risk

PopAds ensures a risk-free advertising experience for advertisers. In the event that a campaign does not meet their expectations, advertisers can request a refund of the unspent amount in their account, safeguarding their investment.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a top priority at PopAds. All publishers’ pages undergo human review, and an advanced anti-fraud system filters out proxy, bot, and mobile traffic. The quality of traffic largely depends on the bid offered by advertisers, ensuring that advertisers receive the desired level of quality for their campaigns.

Minimal Quality Setting

Each website within the PopAds network is assigned a quality rating, taking into account factors such as content quality and the number of banners. Advertisers have the option to limit their campaigns to higher-classified websites, which may result in better quality but potentially higher costs.

Referral Program

Advertisers can further boost their earnings by referring others to PopAds. By referring publishers or advertisers, they can receive 10% of the referred party’s earnings or spendings, respectively. This referral program offers an opportunity to increase earnings through successful referrals.

By leveraging the smart network and powerful solutions provided by PopAds, both publishers and advertisers can unlock their full potential in the world of online advertising. Join PopAds today and experience the difference it can make in achieving your online advertising goals.

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Ad Type POP, CPM
Founded in 2008

Platform Security
Risk-Free & Money-Back
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4.8 Overall Rating

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