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PartnerStack mission is to unlock the power of partner ecosystems for B2B SaaS

At PartnerStack, we’re changing the way the world sells software by growing partnerships into a competitive acquisition channel.


Every connection counts. Our work is grounded in building partner ecosystems, and the strongest solutions are the ones we find together.


We hold ourselves to high standards and don’t take trust for granted: it’s earned, nurtured, and reciprocated. But above all, it’s shown in what we do and how we do it.


We move through our work with a growth mindset, understanding our highest impact can be a slow burn worth the wait.


Our people reflect the world around us where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and everyone is empowered to be their authentic selves.

We didn’t get our start in partnerships

Between four broke college kids and an appetite for paying it forward, our founders first built a collaboration software for non-profits.

Our biggest problem? We simply couldn’t reach the market on our own. So instead, we pivoted our business to partnerships and discovered how the right connections could fuel a shiny new revenue engine. But the current partnerships process made it impossible to scale.


No PRM on the market had the essential functionality to pay out partners, automate emails, track more than one conversion per customer, or run more than a single partner program.


We designed PartnerStack from the ground up as the complete partnerships platform to support B2B SaaS companies in building and scaling their partner channels.

Persistence opens doors

As bright as our idea was — we still got laughed out of many rooms. We applied to every accelerator but were turned down because our business was just too early.

After getting rejected by YCombinator twice already, we thought it couldn’t hurt to try once more.

And third time’s the charm. When we asked why they finally bet on us, they gave us an answer that shocked us all: “Because you’re cockroaches, not unicorns.”

We build like cockroaches, not unicorns

Enduring tech companies aren’t made of magic. They’re made of grit, heart, and relationships — and if you ask our customers, they’ll say we have those in spades.

PartnerStack is building the most connected B2B partner network in the world to give SaaS companies the firepower they need to innovate better and drive revenue. 

Despite the harsh realities of building a startup, we bring the passion and chops to deliver on our long-term vision, no matter what surprises emerge along the way.

As one of the fastest-growing Canadian tech companies, we’re digital-first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best work with us at our Toronto HQ if you want.

We embrace a flexible working policy, so your “office” can look a lot like your home, a coffee shop, or even a mountain top. If there’s WiFi, there’s a way.

Built by believers in partnerships

We believe partnerships will change the way every business makes money. And it isn't just us who see the potential.

Alongside our team, partners, and customers, PartnerStack is built with the support of investors and organizations who share our vision for helping businesses grow better together.


Connect. Earn. Grow.

Build powerful B2B partnerships that fuel growth and drive revenue.


Empower your partners. Accelerate growth.

Manage relationships and grow your ecosystem with top-notch partners.


Earn more with the best B2B SaaS brands

Partner with top software brands and start earning commissions.

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