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Brand Slogan “Inspiration Ahead” This slogan comes from our “Benfen” values, encouraging us to do the right thing and keep an open mind as we strive to seek the truth. This is also rooted in the history of our products: from our first phone “Smiley Face” in 2008, OPPO has continuously strived to spread optimism and inspiration to the world through technology.

“Inspiration Ahead” is OPPO's stance on the current state of the world, and the group of people OPPO aims to empower.

Today's era is full of challenges and uncertainty. Believing in “Inspiration Ahead” means believing in a promising future. Just as we always encourage people to face difficulties, OPPO will stick to what is right and never sacrifice quality for speed.

OPPO identifies with a large number of our colleagues. We hope to empower them and uplift society with innovation and technology, as well as make a difference and find inspiration for the future.

OPPO is a leading
innovator in smart devices

Strong world-class manufacturing capabilities and systems with 10 manufacturing centers worldwide.

Step by step, OPPO has built a global innovation system that supports the exploration of cutting-edge technology.

+Since its founding in 2004, OPPO's business has expanded to more than 60 countries and regions around the world.40,000

+More than 40,000 OPPO employees dedicate themselves to technological innovation to create a better life for everyone.500

MillionColorOS now includes the full spectrum of system applications to create a free and seamless user experience for 500 million users worldwide.

Brand History

OPPO has developed its capabilities for nearly 20 years and gone through three transformations spanning four different eras.

Brand Value

Benfen | User-led
Aim for perfection | Goal oriented

At the heart of OPPO's company culture is BenFen , committed to creating great products that will delight users. In the face of pressures and temptations from the external environment, we firmly believe that maintaining a calm posture and focusing on fundamentals is the only way to make sound judgments and choices that will pave the way to health and longevity for the company.Brand Mission

Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World

“Technology for Mankind, Good for the World” is the driving force behind OPPO's technological innovation and development. In other words, OPPO is committed to helping every individual with an innovative spirit to grow, as well as helping society to develop, practicing BenFen culture, helping humanity to build a mutually beneficial and inclusive society.

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