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We enable millions to discover their past and empower their future

Our roots

From a humble garage startup, MyHeritage has grown into a global company and built the leading platform for discovering family history.

Guided by our core values of innovation, compassion, and diversity, MyHeritage offers users a meaningful discovery experience that unites their past, present, and future using sophisticated matching technologies, billions of international historical records, and at-home DNA tests.

Our history


Company founded by Gilad Japhet

Gilad Japhet launches a new genealogy garage startup at his home


Website goes live

The MyHeritage.com website — a free, online family tree building platform, goes live in 6 languages


Release of Smart Matches™

MyHeritage releases advanced matching technology to help users find relatives in other family trees


Mobile app goes live

MyHeritage enables users to take genealogy on-the-go with the MyHeritage mobile app


Begins offering historical records

MyHeritage launches a search engine with billions of global historical records; digitizes 1940 U.S. census


Launch of Instant Discoveries™

Innovative feature can add entire branches or photos to the user’s family tree in one click


Launch of MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage releases a consumer DNA test that finds relatives and provides an ethnicity breakdown


Acquisition of Legacy Family Tree Webinars

MyHeritage acquires Legacy Family Tree webinar platform and software (its 10th acquisition!)


First MyHeritage LIVE Conference

MyHeritage hosts its first-ever international user conference in Oslo, Norway


10 billion historical records

MyHeritage’s collections continue to grow fast and reach an important milestone


MyHeritage Lab Opens

MyHeritage sets up a state-of-the-art laboratory to significantly increase Israel’s COVID-19 testing capabilities


Deep Nostalgia™ launched

A groundbreaking feature that allows you to animate the faces of your loved ones in still photos.

Acquisition of Filae

MyHeritage signs agreements to acquire Filae, a leading genealogy service in France.

MyHeritage makes an exit

MyHeritage is acquired by Francisco Partners.

Reaching 1M subscribers

MyHeritage celebrates an extraordinary milestone, and surpasses one million annual subscribers!

Our team

Our commitment to family, heritage, and diversity drive the development of innovative technologies and are the foundation of our company culture created by our 520 employees in Israel, North America, and Europe.

Our management team has a wealth of experience from top technology companies.
Meet our management team

Interested in joining our team?
Learn more about careers at MyHeritage

MyHeritage by the numbers


47MILLIONfamily trees

19.7BILLIONhistorical records

7.8MILLIONDNA database

Gateways to discoveries

MyHeritage develops cutting-edge technologies and delivers an exceptional user experience that makes it easier than ever to explore family history.

Users start by adding a few names and our automatic matching technologies help them grow their family trees.

Users can upload family photos and automatically repair, enhance, colorize, and animate them using AI technology.

Users can explore their family history in our global database of 19.7 billion historical records, with billions more added each year.

Users can discover their ethnic origins and receive matches to relatives with a simple cheek swab DNA test.

MyHeritage reunites families around the world

The MyHeritage Lab

Drawing on the company’s resources and expertise, and out of humanitarian concern, MyHeritage rapidly set up one of the world’s largest COVID-19 laboratories to dramatically scale up Israel’s testing capabilities and save lives. The lab helped significantly reduce mortality in Israel’s nursing homes.

MyHeritage conducts pro bono projects around the world

Reuniting Yemenite Jewish FamiliesWe donated free DNA kits to help members of the Yemenite Jewish community find answers about their missing loved ones.

The Secret of ErikoussaWe reunited the descendants of a Jewish family hidden during WWII with the descendants of the courageous Greek islanders who risked their lives to save them.

Tribal QuestWe send our employees on expeditions to document the family histories of remote tribal communities at risk of cultural extinction.

Amaze yourself

Uncover your ethnic origins and find new relatives with our simple DNA test.

The highest technological standards meet the most affordable price on the market.

Your DNA reveals your unique heritage — the ethnic groups and geographic regions you originate from.

Find new relatives you never knew existed through your shared DNA.

Over the past 21 years, MyHeritage has helped millions of people find new family members and discover their ethnic origins.

How will DNA testing change you?

Your DNA test offers you the powerful experience of discovering what makes you unique and learning where you really come from. MyHeritage DNA is proud to be enhancing the lives of users all around the world.

Where in the world were your ancestors from?


England (Yorkshire)



Norway (Viken)



Italy (Abruzzo)


North African


+2 more


Your origins are encoded in your DNA, and enable us to pinpoint where in the world your ancestors came from. Your DNA results will include an ethnicity breakdown and identify the specific groups you descend from among 2,114 geographic regions

Who will you discover?

We search for people whose DNA matches yours: your relatives. Our DNA Matching technology reveals the percentage of DNA you share with your matches, showing you how closely related you are. You can connect with your newly found relatives to learn more about your family and discover shared ancestors

Your privacy is protected

At MyHeritage, your privacy and the security of your data is as important to us as it is to you. We have made significant investments to ensure that your account and personal details are secured and protected by multiple layers of encryption. All testing is done in our world-leading CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory in the United States.

Your DNA test is private and secure

We use multiple layers of encryption

Our laboratory is CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited

MyHeritage Details


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