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“My mother went to heaven when I was 12, followed by both my aunties, all due to cancer. This made me realize, choosing, and maintaining to be healthy is very important. It's a choice we make on a daily basis. When we are able to provide more healthy food choices and able to educate people with the right knowledge, people will be more cautious with food selection and eventually be healthier!”
— Natasha Mah, Chief of Growth of Love Earth Organic.

“I love nature, I love cycling and I love diving. I have always been going into the hills for hiking and going below the sea for diving. Loving how the mother earth has selflessly provided her best to us, but how are we treating our one and only planet? Do you know, more than 200,000 people die of plantation pesticides yearly? I always believe our earth can once again be pollution-free by selecting organic / natural food produce. Let's all play our part to make this world a better place.”
— Jason Leong, Chief of Creation of Love Earth Organic

“My mother was defeated by Nose Cancer when I was at the age of 5. I grew up not having someone that nag me, someone that will cook for me, or someone to share clothing. I was always wondering, how good if mum is healthy and still around. Having that in mind, I hope everyone is able to stay healthy by selecting a healthier choice in food. So they are able to spend quality time and beautiful memories with their loved ones.”
— Samantha Mah, Chief of Inspiration of Love Earth Organic.

These are some things which we are not able to compromise:

Yes, we eat whatever we sell. To further assure you that, there is nothing sneaky in our food!
And our co-founder Samantha baby's 1st solid food is our Organic Baby Meal!

Making this mother earth a better place, we hold on to only vegetarian friendly food produce / ingredients.
One of our co-founders and many of our colleagues are actually vegetarian too!

Some might wonder “Really Organic? Will you take non-organic and claim it as Organic?” 
All our “Organic” labeled products are audited by 3rd party Organic Certifications Body. This leads to our next promise too.

Each and every of our products is with “birth cert” — batch number.
We know exactly where does this raw material come from, when did we pack, who packed, where have we distributed it to.
Don't try to mess with us 😉


We embarked on this journey back in March 2011.
With a simple mindset of “We want to make this world a better place. We want everyone to be healthier”. We thought we would be able to conquer the world.

YEAR 2011
We created Love Earth. And started our 1st distributing outlet.
Located at the 3rd floor of an office building without lift, rented from our uncle.

YEAR 2012
We moved to our rented place, started to distribute to more outlets.

YEAR 2013
Participated in Aeon's SSDP (Sustainable Supplier Development Program) to improve ourselves as a Food Provider.
Scoring from last few companies to top 3 (among 40 companies)

YEAR 2022
HACCP Certified (International Food Safety Standard)
Awarded Readers Choice Award 2021
Awarded SOBA (The Star Outstanding Business Award)
Awarded TOP Health Award (Asia Pacific Super Health Brand)

We are distributing to more than 2,500 outlets.
Trusted by more than 1,000,000 consumers. 
Sell 4 units every 1 minute.

We appreciate each and everyone's trust and believe in us. Thank you for your support.
Let's continue to stay healthy and make this world a better place.

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Love Earth
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