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History of the Company

LAKESTONE is a brand of leather bags and accessories, filled with the ideas of British designers and created by the hands of craftsmen who have known their craft for decades. The name of the brand is, first of all, memories of the most beautiful place in England – Lake Windermere in the northern part of England, in the so-called Lake District. Sitting on the shore, one of the founders of the brand noticed a large stone that looked out of the water not far from the shore. The water rolled in small waves, birds flew in the sky, people walked around the lake, and the trees swayed slightly from the slight wind – and only this stone looked like a monolith that did not depend on the circumstances, on the environment. A true natural expression of steadfastness, constancy and inviolability against the backdrop of nature's stunning beauty – all this became an expression of those ideas that formed the basis of the individuality of the LAKESTONE brand, transforming into the distinctive features of products – independence from fashion and consistency in quality.

Ideas of inviolability, independence and immutability…

LAKESTONE is, first of all, a classic, unpretentious design that will be relevant today and in decades to come. The minimalism and lightness of the appearance of the brand’s bags and accessories is the merit of the “old school” designers from Foggy Albion, who are convinced that impulses and temporary trends are something simpler and more uncomplicated, coming and going against the backdrop of classic regular forms, closely related to natural rules proportions, color and human perception. The products are made from the best materials that nature gave us and the human mind created – this is, of course, 100% genuine leather of the highest grade and a special tear-resistant, high-tech Softprotection lining. This wonderful composition falls into the hands of real craftsmen, who have decades of experience working with genuine leather and all possible sewing technologies. And finally, another form of expressing the idea of ​​inviolability, independence and immutability that formed the basis of the brand is product quality. Any person who picks up a LAKESTONE bag or briefcase will immediately feel the hand of the master – correct shapes, smooth seams, durable zippers – all these are details that distinguish the brand’s products from others on the market.

Moreover, we are all accustomed to the fact that good quality is expensive, including because the brand itself is expensive. LAKESTONE has a different idea – to provide a truly high-quality product accessible to the majority of customers. Giving many people the opportunity to have a great product versus the idea of ​​satisfying the desires of a wealthy minority – LAKESTONE initially settled on the former. LAKESTONE is design and quality that is affordable to the extent of its true value. This is a quality product that costs exactly what it should cost. No more, no less. Unshakable. As the stone in the Lake.

Lakestone LLC OGRN 1167746827555
Legal entity. address: 127015 , Moscow , Novodmitrovskaya str. 5A, building 2; floor 6; room No. 9 (room 605)

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