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Like everyone, shopping for home appliances is a dilemma. Often we have to choose between premium brands with high prices or mass brands that have marketed design and quality.

As consumers, we feel frustrated by the lack of middle ground. We were shocked to see the excessive prices and we wanted an alternative where we could get quality at an affordable price. We looked for brands that offered decent home appliances, but we couldn't find one that met our needs. So we created IUIGA: premium quality home appliances that are thoughtfully designed and transparently priced.

The essence of a well-made product begins with the materials used to make it. Therefore, we source the best materials from all over the world and encourage our craftsmen to build quality products like the one you have today.

Under the ODM business model, the exterior, aesthetics, materials, dimensions and patented technology are developed by the ODM and the product and design rights are owned by them.

There is no direct ownership of these products by any single brand entity, allowing ODMs to undertake production for more than one brand.

For everyone else, we have made a mistake.
“You will fail. This idea will not work.”
When we founded IUIGA, everyone we met always thought that way.
There are many times when things are confusing, uncertain, full of risk, and all our efforts are in vain.
From the start, this struggle felt lonely and sometimes full of despair.
But from this struggle we realized that the path to creating something meaningful would definitely be difficult. There's no other way.
The journey itself must be scary, dangerous, and absurd. If not, courage is certainly not needed.
Having the courage to undertake a challenging journey, to create something meaningful, requires courage, strength, and sometimes, madness.
Like anything worth doing, it isn't easy.
But like all difficult things worth doing, the reward only comes to the person who does it.
Have you started your journey?

Quality Is Not a Luxury

Quality is a mindset of sticking to what is important. Living in subtle simplicity is no problem. IUIGA is the quality of honesty, so that you can live your life TRULY.

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