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Italo Jewelry are well known for their affordable engagement and wedding ring sets.  These beauties are all made with synthetic sapphires which sparkle with brilliance in any light.

Italo Jewelry choose to use sapphires in their jewellery designs as opposed to cubic zirconia as sapphires are more durable, valuable and the brilliance of the stone shines for such a long time and outlasting the cubic zirconia, makes them the perfect stone to use in their gorgeous rings.

It All Began With One Question

Why It Is So Hard To Find A Dreamful Ring At An Affordable Price?

We all want to give the best thing to our special one. The best ring should be uniquely designed and of high quality, which always means a high price. But love has no price, is it necessary to spend a fortune on a ring? Is there any affordable choice to express love? That's why we created Italo Jewelry—high quality, unique design, affordable price.


Jewelry makes giving so much more real when you actually chose every part of the piece you’re giving to that special someone. Then you can say that it truly came from the heart. Everyone deserves to receive and give love. It's upon this steadfast belief that we've devoted ourselves to providing beautiful jewelry for all. We know that you’re not buying just a piece of jewelry – you’re trying to put how you feel into something that goes beyond words. That’s why you need something completely unique.

Something that no one else has ever received. A One in a million gift. Nothing says it like unique jewelry.


We believe that to succeed as a leading online jewelry store, we have to give our customers what they are looking for:

  • ● Great value on quality items
  • ● Great customer service
  • ● Great product variety and choice
  • ● Easy risk-free shopping experience and free shipping

We are able to deliver on these desirables by creating a unique store built on the latest technology and innovative manufacturing. We can guarantee that our prices are the lowest because we do not have the overhead of a brick and mortar retail store. Our innovative order management process ensures that we do not have to warehouse or hold costly inventory. Our customer service department uses advanced messaging and live communication tools to ensure that we are able to respond to our customers as soon as practical.


  • ● FREE shipping to all locations in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia
  • ● SGS Certificate
  • ● Packaged for gifting
  • ● Jewelry Care Tips

Design And Quality

Buying Online Doesn't Mean Buying Cheap. All Our Items Are Handmade By Professional Craftsmen.

Expert designers, craftsmen and production teams at Italo Jewlery are adept at developing original concepts or combining a mix of styles from our fine jewelry collections. Whatever your desire, Italo Jewelry will create the one you want with any head, crown, style, stone or color combination.There are no limitations, just endless options and exemplary quality service.


We're Proud To Show You Around

Italo Jewelry owns and operates our China-based manufacturing facility to ensure superior quality with each piece. Each piece is individually handcrafted with careful attention to detail and style by our artisan jewelry design team.


We Cut The Fat, Not The Corners

A dead simple supply chain that delivers
amazing jewelry directly from our
manufacturing floor.

Italo Jewelry Review: What to Expect

Italo Jewelry is quite popular among jewelry shoppers who enjoy and love affordable wedding jewelry. There’s also been a number of italo jewelry review, and takes on the quality of the jewelry as a whole. When it comes to these italo jewelry review or at least a majority of the italo jewelry review left by customers who have tried the product, price is a factor that seems to influence their reviews immensely. Since their products like Italo Classic Created White Sapphire Tennis Necklace look extremely well-made, but is also affordable enough to entice lots of jewelry lovers.

Italo Classic Created White Sapphire Tennis Necklace

Also, there seems to be one recurring question that is often asked by curious shoppers, and a factor that they look for in an italo jewelry review is if the items are worth buying. Of course, everyone almost anticipates how the prices affect the quality of the products in every Italo Jewelry review because it is one of deciding factors if one would purchase a product. People want a confirmation through an italo jewelry review in order to set their expectations.

Good news for those seeking confirmation in italo jewelry review: there’s quite a huge number of italo jewelry review on the internet, and most of the italo jewelry review you can find are mostly positives.

There’s a sense of structure in how most of the italo jewelry review are constructed: one, is how mostly people are appreciative of the quality and how they get their money’s worth. There are also lots of praises to be found in most Italo jewelry review about getting the right sizes, and how comfortable the fit is, enough for the customers to buy more products in the future.

Italo Classic Created White Sapphire Tennis Necklace

There’s also praises in most of the italo jewelry review about their quick shipping of orders, and arriving in excellent condition. However, there are also some criticisms to be found in some of the italo jewelry review regarding customer service, receiving incorrect sizes of items, incomplete, and very rarely situations where the items are in bad conditions. However, in most of the italo jewelry review that contain bad experiences, the company is able to respond quickly to make amends and find a solution for the customer. You may give their products a shot in their website italojewelry and see for yourself if the whole thing is worth it, and construct your own italo jewelry review.

ItaloJewelry Details

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