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Top Points Reviews Indoleads – Marketing has always been a dynamic aspect that is ever-changing and organizations all over the world keep evolving and adapting new advertising strategies.

Affiliate marketing has opened the gates for people worldwide to earn their livelihood by promoting the services and products for any brand they’d like by monetizing their traffic. 

As a blogger, website owner, entrepreneur, digital agency, or any figure for that matter with massive traffic, you might know that Google Adsense is not enough on its own.

Therefore, it is recommended for you to connect with another affiliate network, third-party brand or ad network to promote goods on your platform. 

However, finding a trustworthy affiliate network with fair ethics and high commissions can be quite tricky. Indoleads is one of those platforms which you rely on and have a seamless experience. In this Indoleads review, we will give you an in-depth overview of various aspects of the affiliate network.

Introduction To Indoleads 

Founded in 2017, Indoleads is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. The affiliate network was successfully launched in 2017 and gained positive recognition from the affiliate industry. Within the first 5 years of launching, the company has successfully managed to expand its business worldwide and now has 6 offices across Russia, Brazil, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Indoleads provides a wide library of more than 5,000 offers based on multiple commission models such as CPA, CPS, CPL, and more spanning over 180 countries some of which are exclusive. You can also select and decide to promote the offers from a massive range of verticals like Education, E-commerce, Finance, Software, Travel and so many more.

Here are the statistics if you’re interested in numbers; Indoleads has a community of more than 5000 premium advertisers with a network of over 30,000 affiliate marketers. The affiliate marketing platform has paid out an estimated amount of $127,000 to its top-performing publishers and has generated a total of $500 million in annual revenue for its merchants. Stick till the end of this Indoleads review to know more about commission models, marketplace offers, benefits, advanced technologies, and more. 

Indoleads For Advertisers 

With over 30K affiliates with global coverage, traders can rest assured that their product is being promoted effectively to 180+ GEOs. The platform works in a rather simple way and provides you full control over the creation of your affiliate offers. 

You have the ability to determine a commission rate for each action, let you reach your audience via multiple channels, provide detailed reports, and more. You only have to pay a portion of your sale as a commission to the platform only when an action is confirmed to be executed. It supports traffic ad formats such as Push notifications, Banners, Socials, Native, Pop Ups and more.

Indoleads For Affiliates 

When you join Indoleads as a publisher, you are given access to over 5000 programs based on multiple commission models, among which you can promote more than 5,000 affiliate programs from any country around the world. The platform has generated $50,000,000 in annual revenue and has an average eCPA of $9.7. 

The Indoleads network provides a plethora of online marketing tools which allow you to seamlessly set up, create, manage and promote campaigns as well as guide you with integrating affiliate links to your platform in order to maximize your commissions and total revenue.

Some of the robust and powerful features you can leverage the benefit includes a personal manager, product feeds, discount coupon codes, promotional banners for social media and websites, landing pages, deep link builder, income reports, postback APIs, fraud protection techniques, and more. 

How To Register As An Indoleads Affiliate?

Follow the steps given below in order to register yourself as an Indoleads affiliate today. 

1. Head to the official Indoleads affiliate marketing network and click on the “Affiliates” menu link from the navigation bar.

 2. After you are redirected to the Affiliates page, click on “Sign Up” displayed across the screen.

3. Fill up the form with accurate information such as email address, preferred IM, and more. 

4. Once you are done you can click on the “Sign Up” button and you will then be redirected to the verification page.

5. Here you have to verify your email address through the link sent to your inbox, once it’s validated, you are good to go.

Why Should An Affiliate Choose Indoleaads?

1. On-time payments – This network is known for fast approval and automatic weekly payment. Affiliates can earn up to 50% of the sales cost, withdraw through multiple payment options, leverage the benefit of the manual payment request,s and more. 

2. Useful Technologies – Offers robust and powerful tools for affiliates that help affiliates to develop, promote, manage and track ad campaigns easily. Some of the tools you have access to include deep link builder, coupon feeds, DSP Integration, product feeds, data transparency, and more. 

3. Wide Library Of Offers – You can choose from a reservoir of more than 5,000 affiliate programs over 8 niche categories.

Indoleads Payments For Affiliates

Commission on each conversion varies on the basis of the affiliate offer you are promoting across your online channels and can range from a few dollars up to hundreds of them. As an affiliate, the commissions paid to you by the merchants are purely based on the product value as well as the percentage of the sales reward which can go from 1% to 50% in some cases. 

The highest affiliate payout on the monthly basis by Indoleads totaled to be $127,000 via eCommerce affiliate programs. Another high payout is generated by the publishers which promote multiple products through reviewing videos with respect to the categories they preferred. 

The platform quickly approves of the payouts and sets them on weekly automation and can be withdrawn through PayPal, WebMoney, Capitalist, or Wire Transfer.

Indoleads Portfolio 

The portfolio provided by Indoleads incorporated more than 5,000 marketplace offers from world-renowned and premium companies. Some of the brands whose offers you can choose to promote include organizations such as Aliexpress, Adobe, Fiverr, Asics, Banggood, Alibaba, Best Buy, Lazada, Nike, eBay, Shein, Kaspersky, Agoda, Samsung, Canva, Shopee, Farfetch, Tokopedia, and so many more. You also have access to exclusive programs from brands like AppJobs, Marriott, KLM, etc.

Indoleads Supported Verticals

It is an important aspect for an affiliate network to provide offers for as many niches as possible as it does affect the engagement rates and more within the community of visitors, advertisers as well as publishers. Some of the available vertical categories include Bitcoin, Health PPS, Ecommerce, Travel, Finance, Subscription, Telco, Business, Software, Education, and more.

Indoleads Available Commissions Models 

Indoleads supports a wide range of commission models based on which the merchants can design their affiliate marketing program and publishers can choose from them. The affiliates can refine the search result for the offers by applying the filters based on these pricing structures. The available compensation strategies are as follows.

1. Cost Per Sale – Commonly abbreviated as CPS, in this commission model the affiliates are paid a portion of a sale whenever a visitor successfully buys any services or products promoted by them. 

2. Cost Per Install –  A publisher is paid a commissions once the visitor successfully installs a merchant’s or desired app through their promotional campaign or an ad. 

3. Cost Per Action – CPA enables merchants to pay affiliates on the basis of some specific actions. They decided action by the advertiser & it can be anything including successful sales, filling a signup form, watching a video, etc.

4. Cost Per Lead – In this type of commission structure the affiliates are paid whenever a visitor executes some of the predefined actions such as filling up a form, signing up for free trials, and more.

5. Cost Per Click – In this pricing approach rather than paying on the basis of lead generation or conversions, the publishers are compensated on the basis of the number of times a link is clicked by visitors. 

Indoleads Pros 

  1. Offers a wide selection of affiliate offers across a number of verticals of exclusive brands.
  2. The affiliate network has an average eCPA of $9.7. 
  3. Provides advanced tools and powerful technologies to guide affiliates in order to launch effective promotions. 
  4. Support affiliates programs based on compensation strategies such as CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS and more. 
  5. The platform does not charge any hidden fees from your account and has a data transparency policy.
  6. Has a network of 30K publishers which are globally located with traffic distributed over 180 GEOs. 
  7. It offers accurate and in-depth tracking reports along with anti-fraud prevention tools. 
  8. Indoleads provides premium quality merchants by carefully screening their partners to ensure high quality and legit offers.

Indoleads Cons 

  1. Sometime approval takes time
  2. You must have some experience to get approval

Indoleads – Customer Support

Regardless, the quality of customer service of an organization often plays the major aspect in the decision making, and in this section of Indoleads review, we will go through an overview of the same. 

The affiliate network has a dedicated contact page through which you can reach out to the Indoleads support team in case you need guidance or have any queries. You can reach out to the representatives by submitting a ticket, email, phone service, or asking for an appointment at an offline office. 

You can also make use of self-help resources such as a comprehensive library of blog posts, frequently asked questions, and such. Try to connect with Indoleads through social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and more. 

Indoleads Review – In A Nutshell 

Let us wrap up the Indoleads review by answering the question of whether it is a legit advertising platform or not. 

As far as the reliability and authenticity of Indoleads is concerned, you can rest assured that this affiliate network is 100% legit. The users reviews of portals like TrustPilot indicate that Indoleads have an average to good trust score. 

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