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Gramedia Digital is the largest digital book buying and reading service in Indonesia. With Gramedia Digital you can read books, magazines, newspapers in digital form via the Gramedia Digital application which can be downloaded on your device (Android Google Playstore / iOS App Store).

Gramedia Digital has collaborated with well-known local publishers such as Tempo, MRA, Kompas Gramedia Group and so on. Currently there are more than 120,000 digital editions available from India, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India and American published books.

Gramedia.com is the largest and most complete online bookstore in Indonesia which provides a variety of quality books, stationery and other office supplies.

Since 2009 Gramedia has been building an online shop. This shop is part of the Gramedia Matraman Shop.

From 2016 until now, Gramedia.com is managed by PT. Gramedia Asri Media. Now Gramedia.com has been integrated with more than 100 Gramedia store branches throughout Indonesia. Customers can shop and make purchases from the nearest Gramedia in your city. And delivery can also be done from all Gramedia stores throughout Indonesia.

Our mission is to increase literacy and provide easy access to the world of knowledge throughout Indonesia by utilizing technology.

Customer comfort and satisfaction is our priority. We want to provide customers with a better experience when they carry out the shopping process both online and offline, by continuing to develop product features. Providing the best service is our goal with the support of proactive and creative management.

Gramedia Reviews: Using the Gramedia Digital application is actually easy and delicious. Especially in a pandemic season like now. With Gramedia Digital, you don't need to bother going to a bookstore or ordering books online. More safety.

Digital books are also more environmentally friendly and don't take up much space. This also helps me store books, because if I store books at home they are usually eaten by termites.

I already had 1 box of books that had to be thrown away because they were no longer safe to be eaten by termites, the problem was that the house was full of wood and not yet used ceramics.

For those who don't know what Gramedia Digital is like, let me explain a little.

Gramedia digital is a digital book application launched by Gramedia. Here you can buy books in digital form (e-books) or subscribe to packages provided by Gramedia.

Buy digital books (e-books)

The first option offered is that you can buy books published by Gramedia (and also other publishers associated with Gramedia).

The books sold are more or less the same as those sold in the offline store, but you could also say that there are even more in the digital version. There are also many foreign books (not translations) that you can buy.

An example is the book below.

When it comes to price, the price of the digital version is of course slightly cheaper than the printed version. Yes, the production cost factor is smaller too.

Cancer Book – Siddartha Mukerjee digital version

Cancer Books – Siddartha Mukerjee printed version

Approximately 11 thousand difference, not including postage.
Oh yes, check the single issued price. If you use a package, it will be a different story

Purchasing a single issue means you buy the book in full. Yes, it's like buying an ordinary book and there's no time limit. Regarding the non-fiction premium package and full premium package, it will be explained in the next point.

Buy the premium package

There are several types of packages offered by Gramedia Digital, namely:

Each package has different types of books that can be read and a time period with different limits.

Kids Premium Package: Contains books specifically for children

Fiction Premium Package: Fiction books

Non-Fiction Premium Package: Non-fiction books

Full premium package: Free access to all books, both fiction and non-fiction

Digital Xkompas: Free access to all Kompas books and newspapers

Once you have downloaded the book, it is not yours forever. If the package's active period has expired, you can't read it anymore or need to extend the active period.

In my experience, after trying to use the Non-Fiction Premium Package and Full Premium Package packages, this really makes it easier to read good books at a price range that doesn't touch my pocket hahaha.

However, not all books can be read. There are also several books by authors like Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan that apparently you have to buy first before you can read them. But, that's no problem either.

So if it's good, why buy a physical book or print it again?

It turns out that my eyes can't read books on my cellphone, because I don't have a notebook or Kiddel. So I read books on my cellphone.

…and as we are aware, reading on a cell phone quickly makes the eyes tired and makes it easy to lose focus. What's more, I've lost a lot of food, as a result my head gets dizzy looking at the cellphone screen for too long.

Finally, I switched back to buying printed books and didn't use Gramedia Digital first. I want to use it again, but maybe if I already have a device that is suitable and comfortable for reading.

BTW, this is the book I bought. About a week ago.

That's it, maybe I'll review it in the next post. While it includes books that have just been released by the author.

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