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Jewelry online store Gold.ua – buy gold, jewelry and decorations without leaving home

The online jewelry store Gold.ua was the first in Ukraine to start selling jewelry online. Now it is the largest and most reliable seller of jewelry and status gifts in the country. In Odessa and Kharkov, Kiev and Dnepr, as well as other Ukrainian cities, clients appreciate the advantages of Gold.ua and use its services again and again.

By the way, Gold.ua is the very first online store selling jewelry in Ukraine

How does the Gold.ua store win the love of its customers?

Impressive catalog 

The online store catalog contains exclusive jewelry made of gold and silver – for any budget and occasion.

On the pages of the store you can buy gold products from the world's best manufacturers: Bibigi, Gucci, Nina Ricci, Versace, Faberge and other jewelry houses in Europe and the world. Some collections are presented exclusively on Gold.ua.

In addition to jewelry, at Gold.ua you can choose luxury jewelry and stylish status accessories, watches – from designer wristwatches to wall watches, which will add chic to any interior.

There is also an impressive collection of status souvenirs and gifts for “those who have everything.”

Despite the wealth of choice, it is impossible to get confused in the catalog: convenient navigation makes it easy to make a choice and buy gold products.

Affordable prices for gold and jewelry

Thanks to the large turnover and warm long-term relationships with manufacturers, luxury gold products can be purchased on the website at 30–70% cheaper. To avoid missing out on sales promotions, use the “Watch price” function.

Confirmed authenticity and quality assurance

Gold items and luxury items are the champions of counterfeiting. Therefore, you need to be especially picky when buying them online.

The online jewelry store Gold.ua cares about the peace of mind of its customers. The authenticity and quality of each product is confirmed by the Assay Chamber of Ukraine. Along with your purchase, you will be given a sales receipt and a product tag, which indicates the weight of the product, fineness, parameters of the stones and other necessary characteristics of the jewelry.

Each product is subject to a lifetime warranty. You can return or exchange your purchase within two weeks.

Caring service

By choosing the gold items you like based on the photo, you can receive comprehensive online consultation on all issues of interest.

You can buy jewelry in the Gold.ua online store in one click: just enter your phone number and the manager will call you back to place your order.

A purchase made in an online jewelry store can be picked up personally in one of the Gold.ua showrooms. Such stores operate in Kyiv and Dnieper. In other cities throughout Ukraine, your order will be delivered free of charge to a Nova Poshta branch convenient for you.

Additional features

In addition to the convenient and secure purchase of gold online, Gold.ua offers to exchange old jewelry that you no longer wear for new jewelry.

What you need to know before you buy gold and jewelry

 1. Metal sample

Fineness is the percentage of gold in the product.

  • 585/583 standard: 58.5/58.3% gold composition. Or 585/583 grams per 1 kg.
  • 750 standard: 75% gold in the product, or 750 grams per 1 kg.
  • 958 standard: 95.8% gold in the product, or 958 grams per 1 kg.
  • 999 standard: 99.9% gold, or 999 grams per 1 kg.

The purer the gold in the jewelry, the higher its price. But the less suitable such metal is for making jewelry.

Pure gold is soft and brittle. Products made from it are susceptible to scratches, easily deformed and abraded. The fastenings of the stones quickly weaken, and the stones are at risk of being lost.

Gold of 750 and 958 is considered ideal for jewelry. For greater durability and depth of shine, gold items are additionally coated with rhodium.

2. Gold color

White, red, black and even green gold are not a designer’s whim. The color of gold is given by ligature – an admixture of other metals in different proportions. The ligature makes gold stronger and more resistant to damage. In addition, the metal becomes more flexible, which opens up scope for creativity for jewelers.

  • White gold is obtained by adding palladium, platinum and, less commonly, nickel.
  • Red gold is an alloy with zinc and copper.
  • Black gold is a mixture of gold, cobalt and chromium oxidized at high temperature.
  • Green gold is the most complex alloy. It contains silver, copper, potassium, zinc and nickel.

Contact our managers for advice on any question about jewelry. We will be happy to help you choose! 

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