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Glasseslit use the high-quality materials, but can offer customers at a high discount because of our high volume, since Glasseslit.com don't have the additional overhead constraints (such as retail rent space, behind-the-counter employees and so on) that your doctor's office or optical must overcome. Since operating this website is much less expensive than a typical retail establishment, Glasseslit is able to pass these savings on to the general public. With no middlemen, no retail-space overhead, Glasseslit.com save our customers on every order!

What we do

Glasseslit help people to see clearly by providing fashionable, innovative and top quality eyewear, delivered fast, at affordable price and exceeding customer expectations every time.

Why Choose Us

100% Prescription Accuracy Guaranteed and Quality Control That Is Second to None!

Glasseslit uses state-of-the-art American lens manufacturing equipment, and our lens laboratory is staffed by highly trained ophthalmic technicians. Our product line includes some of the most sophisticated lens designs available today, including digital (free-form) progressives. If you happen to need a bifocal, these digital lenses provide the easiest adaptation and offer the widest areas of vision for distance, intermediate and near. These digital designs are several steps above basic progressive lenses sold at most optical stores.

When you order with Glasseslit, we carefully check the model number and color against our stock and the information that you provide online. We perform quality control checks on our frames when they arrive at our laboratories and again when they are selected from our stock to fill your order. Our lenses are fitted by trained optical technicians, with numerous lens accuracy checks throughout the assembly process. Remember all of our products must pass six steps of quality inspection before shipping. And just to be extra sure, your glasses are checked again as part of the packing and shipping process. Our hands-on quality control process ensures that you will receive the highest quality glasses every single time! We take pride in our craft and work hard to ensure that every pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses meets the extremely high standards of our valued customers.

Pioneering e-retailers like Glasseslit are actively trying to break the myth that fashionable eyewear is prohibitively expensive. Glasseslit is able to sell ultra-trendy, professional quality prescription eyeglasses at competitive prices because of our efficient processes and lower online costs.

“I was incredibly pleased with the glasses I received from Glasseslit For $60 (including shipping) I got glasses that I\'ve paid nearly $300 for in the past.” – Jim T., Houston, TX

Unbeatable Online Savings – Here\'s How We Do It:

  • All Glasseslit frames and lenses are purchased directly from the manufacturer. By removing the middleman, we can eliminate unnecessary fees and mark-ups from exporters, importers, wholesalers, and retailers. It is estimated that the average customer will save 70% over retail prices by shopping at Glasseslit.
  • By selling online, Glasseslit eliminates the cost of providing and staffing physical store locations. This lowers our overhead, which allows us to pass these incredible savings along to you.
  • We purchase our frames in large quantities to get the best possible price. These savings are also passed on to you.
  • Even our shipping process saves you money. That\'s because Glasseslit ships with country-specific protocols and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Glasseslit sells both classic frames and ultra-trendy designs that appeal to the fashion-forward buyer. We bring you today\'s hottest trends without the designer price tags!
  • Because of our cost-reduction strategies, ordering prescription eyeglasses from Glasseslit will save you, on average, 70% of what you would pay at a basic optical location.
  • Retailers like LensCrafters or Pearle Vision have very high overhead costs, which can typically translate into margins of over 100% on most eyewear sold in the Unites States. These costs are passed on to their customers who ultimately pay an average retail price of $254 for a pair of eyeglasses that cost one-tenth of that to manufacture. (source: Jobson Publishing, 2010)

A Scratch Proof Multi-Hard Coating!

A scratch-resistant coating is another premium feature that is normally priced from $30 to $50 at your local optician. But at Glasseslit, it\'s absolutely FREE. The scratch proof multi-hard coating is very durable and is applied to both sides of the lens. This coating is excellent at minimizing all the small scratches that generally occur in day-to-day handling, which will extend the life of your glasses.

  • Scratch Resistance
  •  Basic Anti-Glare
  • Smudge Proof
  • Easy to Clean

Glasseslit also offers a premium anti-reflective coating that is available for as little as $4.95. It delivers even better glare reduction and durability! Our premium anti-reflective coating is ideal for computer use and night driving. This premium coating increases the amount of light that gets through to your eyes, providing you with the brightest, sharpest vision at all times. Now your friends and family will see your eyes through the lenses of your glasses, instead of looking at distracting reflections!

Free Hard Case, Bags and Lens Cloth

With your new prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, you will also receive some FREE accessories. In most cases this includes the product and manufacturer documentation, plus a hard eyeglass case and a Glasseslit microfiber cleaning cloth. We include this microfiber cloth to help ensure that your glasses remain as clean as the first day you received them.

With all of these upgrades, benefits and cost savings, Glasseslit is confident that you will be extremely satisfied with your prescription eyeglass purchases, or your money back guaranteed. 

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