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GANT is the future of American Sportswear and has been a pioneer of preppy style since 1949. Founded by the Gantmacher family in the college town of New Haven, Connecticut, GANT revolutionized the way the world dresses by creating American Sportswear icons. Today we continue to challenge convention and make clothes for the courageous, the curious and the creative – a community of people who believe you should never stop learning.

GANT enjoys a global presence in over 70 markets, with 600 stores, 4,000 selected retailers and with a team of 1600+ employees globally. We strive to become employer of choice within premium lifestyle and are always looking for new passionate people to join our team. Start your journey with us today!  


GANT is a premium lifestyle brand that knows we are stronger together as a community, that we thrive when we embrace each other's differences. We believe creativity is the key to growing and evolving, it has led us down new paths and inspired new inventions. Curiosity beats through everything we do, from exploring the world around us to finding sustainably-minded solutions and understanding that questions are more important than answers. But without courage, none of this would be possible, and its with courage that we both dare to fail and strive to create new traditions.  

Our Values

  • CuriosityWe will Never Stop Learning. Curiosity is why we explore, learn, wonder and open ourselves up to the world around us. We understand that questions are more important than answers.
  • CreativityWe create, innovate and invent. Creativity is how we grow, whether it’s inventing beloved shirt details, creating new traditions or approaching things in a new way. Creativity is what shapes us.
  • CourageWe explore potential and dare to fail. Courage carries us forward and makes us step out of our comfort zone. It is how we improve and challenge conventions and conformity.
  • CommunityWe are stronger together. Community has been at the heart of GANT since we were founded in 1949. We embrace each other’s differences and thrive as a result.

GANT, a protected brand

Founded in 1949 by Bernard Gantmacher in New Haven, Connecticut, GANT is fully committed to the protection of its brand and the defense of its rich heritage as the original in preppy American sportswear with European sophistication.

Safeguarding our values

In order to safeguard our core values of authenticity, innovation, and passion, GANT's intellectual property rights are protected by a dedicated team in partnership with public authorities around the world.

An authentic brand

Remaining an authentic brand is of the highest importance to GANT. Counterfeiting goes against fair and legitimate trade and is disrespectful of labor standards, safety standards, and environmental norms. Accordingly, fighting counterfeiting is part of GANT’s corporate social responsibility.

Fighting counterfeits

Fighting counterfeits is also in the interest of GANT's clients, partners, and employees, helping to protect GANT's ability to continue to invest and innovate. GANT distributes exclusively through a network of passionate authorized retailers to always ensure authentic, high-quality GANT products and impeccable service.

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