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Firsat offers you the opportunity to discover different services and places you have never known about at the most affordable prices every day.

What is Firsat.me?

Firsat.me, the city's best social shopping and living platform since 2012, acts within the framework of Customer Satisfaction priority and offers its customers different services with the best price guarantee in the most popular places.

According to complaintsvar and firsat.me statistics, the highest customer satisfaction rate in its sector was achieved consecutively with successful complaint management between 2015 and 2023.

Better service was provided to firsat.me customers in the services offered by the venues. Thanks to the privileged customer concept and unconditional customer satisfaction principle provided by Firsat.Me, Firsat.Me enabled its customers to receive better service than other customers.

How can I get deals?
Just click the “Buy Now” button next to the deal. You can complete your shopping securely using your credit card with 256-bit encryption system.

Is Firsat.Me Safe?
All your transactions are carried out securely by being encrypted with RapidSSL SHA256 CA-G3, your card information is not kept in our systems and you can shop using the 3D SECURE PAYMENT method or BKMExpress.

How do I ask questions about the deals I purchased?
If the explanations are not enough or you are confused about something, all you have to do is send an e-mail to info[@]firsat.me. Our customer services at +90 (850) 30 299 30 will be waiting for your calls.

What if I give up?
These are not opportunities that can be given up, but if you want to give up, you can contact us at info[@]firsat.me within 30 days and cancel your payment.

I liked the opportunity and bought it… Now what?
You can start using your opportunity immediately with the coupon code sent to your e-mail and mobile phone. You can also view and print coupon codes from the My Deals section.

What is a coupon?
Firsat.me is the document in which the details of the offer are written and which will allow you to use the opportunity… You can view your coupon in the My Deals section, or you can print the e-mail sent to your email address or present the SMS sent to your mobile phone.

How do I use the coupon?
Just print out the coupon and give it to the business representatives!

Can I transfer the coupon to someone else?
Of course… All you have to do is send us an email to info[@]firsat.me and give the name of the person to whom you will transfer the coupon.

The coupon I purchased has expired. What should I do?
You need to use the campaigns you get with Firsat.me before their expiry date. After the expiry date, the company can give an additional period of 1 month at its own discretion, and if it is not used within this period, you will not be able to use the coupon.

How can I get my receipt or invoice?
Unless a special situation is specified or your invoice is not automatically sent to your e-mail address, you must receive your receipt or invoice from the business you receive service from. Do not forget to collect your receipt or invoice from the business.

Are Comments and Evaluations reliable?
Comments and evaluations are based on real user experiences who have made purchases, and evaluations are published in accordance with the press ethics law.

What if I find the same service at a more affordable price?
With Firsat.Me “Best Price Guarantee Application”, you can get back twice the difference if you find the same service somewhere else that is more suitable.

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