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ELSA, English Language Speech Assistant, is a fun and engaging app specially designed to help you improve your English pronunciation. ELSA's artificial intelligence technology was developed using voice data of people speaking English with various accents. This allows ELSA to recognize the speech patterns of non-native speakers, setting it apart from most other voice recognition technologies.

An AI Coach that Helps You Stay Focused & Motivated

Strict but caring, the ELSA AI Coach pays close attention to every bit of progress you make along the way, and reminds you when you go off track. You will be rewarded for your hard work.

Real-Time Speech Recognition Feedback

We are the first and best speech recognition app designed to evaluate and give immediate, detailed feedback on pronunciation and fluency. This enables you to quickly identify and learn the correct pronunciation.

An Intelligent, Adaptive Learning Platform

ELSA gets smarter every day! Traditional language learning is transformed by our personalized English teaching technology. Our self-evolving AI analyzes your performance and behavioral data to personalize your daily curriculum.


It all started when Vu Van, CEO and co-founder of ELSA Speak, left Vietnam to pursue an MBA and Masters in Education at Stanford University. Vu was confident in her English vocabulary but knew she had a strong Vietnamese accent. Her professors and classmates could not always understand what she was saying, which led her to feel that her opinions in class were often dismissed.

Vu realized she was not facing this problem alone. Most of her international friends encountered the same communication barrier in their first year studying abroad. Yet when she looked into this problem, she found few solutions.

Searching for a co-founder, Vu asked Dr. Xavier Anguera, a respected speech technologist, to help form the new company. In 2015, they officially launched ELSA Speak. Ever since, ELSA Speak has been recognized by Forbes as one of the 4 best companies utilizing Artificial Intelligence to change the world, and was ranked in the Top 5 AI Apps, along with Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Google Allo. ELSA Speak is currently used by millions of learners around the globe.


ELSA Speak uses technology and design to enable people around the world to speak English with confidence. We aim to unlock greater opportunities for billions of language learners around the world.

Fast Facts

Founded in 2015, today ELSA is proud to have grown to

1.5 billion
exercises practiced

Over 34 million users in 195 countries

10 supported languages

ELSA Speak Details


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ELSA Speak
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