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EIGER was first launched in 1989 as a product to meet various equipment and equipment needs for the lifestyle of outdoor enthusiasts. The name EIGER itself is inspired by Mount Eiger, which has a height of 3,970 meters above sea level and is the 3rd “hardest mountain to climb” in the world, located in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland. Currently, EIGER provides three main product categories, namely Mountaineering which is oriented towards mountain climbing activities; Riding which focuses on exploring motorbikes; and Authentic 1989 which is inspired by the classic style of lovers of outdoor adventure activities, which is realized in a casual and stylish design.

Referring to the foundation of its vision and mission, EIGER not only contributes to outdoor activities, but also pays great attention to environmental sustainability in order to realize its mission which includes aspects of Education, Inspiration, Greenlife, Expedition and Responsibility. To date, EIGER has a distribution network throughout Indonesia and will continue to expand its reach overseas.

“To be a company that blesses the lifestyle business”

“With a passion for sustainability, we deliver experiential satisfaction to customers in the lifestyle business.”
We delve into various lifestyle needs and produce various quality brands such as Exsport, Bodypack, Eiger, and Outlive.
We are now available in more than 350 physical stores in Indonesia.


Eigerindo HQ terdiri dari kantor, houseware, pabrik, dan beragam ruang yang tersedia untuk mendukung kegiatan para pegawai Eigerindo berlokasi di Katapang, Kabupaten Bandung. Selain desain bangunan yang mencolok di antara lingkungan industri di Bandung Selatan, karena kelengkapan fasilitasnya. Ruangan yang luas, modern, dan nyaman dilengkapi dengan berbagai fasilitas untuk olahraga dan aktivitas keagamaan, mendukung para pegawainya untuk bekerja dalam lingkungan yang nyaman, sehat, dan bertoleransi. Berbagai program mendukung aspek fisik, sosio-emosional, mental, dan spiritual seluruh pegawai Eigerindo diselenggarakan secara rutin demi keseimbangan setiap aspek hidup pegawai.

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