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The company COO “Conte Spa” was created in 1997, when the market was just beginning to develop and needed viable ideas and bold players. More than 25 years of tireless development and efficient work have brought Conte Spa to a leading position in the production of clothing, underwear, and hosiery in Eastern Europe.

“Conte Spa” is a full service company. The entire process from design development to product release takes place on the premises of our own enterprises. Italian raw materials, advanced technologies, in-house production, really high standards (3 stages of quality control, international standard ISO 9001), attention to detail – all this is the advantage and value of the company.

SOO “Conte Spa” in numbers:

· on the market since 1997;

· supply of products to more than 30 countries;

· 3500 employees;

· 130 million products are produced annually.

Conte is committed to smart manufacturing and designs its production processes to meet its commitments to the environment and society.

Our obligations:

· reduce the negative impact of production processes on the environment;

· it is expedient to spend irreplaceable resources;

· completely eliminate the content of harmful substances in textile products;

· constantly improve environmental performance.

Since 2021, we have been committed to creating a limited, carefully curated range of clothing, lingerie and hosiery, producing only as much as the changing market demands.

We focus on simple wardrobe items that customers can easily integrate into their wardrobe and use for several seasons in a row. This way we minimize overproduction, and you don’t make spontaneous, thoughtless purchases.

The selection of materials for the production of Conte collections is a critical step in providing customers with the best quality without compromising the company's sustainability goals.

Whenever possible, we try to use linens and fabrics that use less chemicals, water and energy to produce than traditional linens.

In production we use:


Tencel fibers are made from eucalyptus, a fast-growing tree that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen throughout its life. Eucalyptus for the production of Tencel is grown on tree farms, which use infertile land. The tree does not require artificial irrigation and fertilizers.

Tencel fibers are 100% recyclable and easily decompose in the soil, where they provide the basis for new plant growth.


Bamboo fiber is another eco-friendly material used in our production process.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and does not require the use of fertilizers, so industrial bamboo cultivation causes virtually no harm to the environment.


Flax is an unpretentious crop that does not put pressure on the ecosystem: growing flax does not require frequent and abundant watering, the use of fertilizers and chemicals (flax crops are extremely resistant to pests). Flax fibers tolerate staining well and completely decompose naturally.


Modal is a new generation material made from renewable wood pulp from eucalyptus wood, beech, pine or bamboo. The modal production process does not use toxic substances, such as chlorine.


In every Conte jeans collection we pay special attention to respecting natural resources, including more and more models made from eco-friendly denim. This means that during the production of the canvas the following is reduced:

• water consumption by 95%

• electricity consumption by 40%

• 90% use of chemicals.


In our production process, special attention is paid to the selection of not only eco-friendly materials, but also innovative fibers. The use of such materials makes it possible to make products durable, resistant to numerous washes, well-preserved color and shape, and therefore guarantee customers high quality and durability of products.

LYCRA® is a new generation fiber that is included in the knitting threads of Conte tights. We use these threads because they have unique elasticity characteristics.


In addition to eco-friendly materials, we develop and implement innovative technologies that have less impact on the environment.

When producing hosiery products at our factory, we use a unique dyeing technology, significantly reducing water and energy consumption.  

Conte is a collection of women's clothing, underwear, tights and socks that can be easily integrated into your wardrobe and worn for several seasons in a row, without making spontaneous, thoughtless purchases. 

The brand's calling card is laconicism, attention to detail and premium fabrics (cotton, viscose, wool, cashmere, etc.). Conte pieces can be considered a long-term investment in your wardrobe: they are created outside of fleeting trends with close attention to quality.

In addition to women's models, Conte stores offer you collections of tights, socks, clothes and swimsuits for children from the Conte-kids brand, as well as men's collections of socks, underwear and basic clothing with a carefully thought-out cut and a wide range of sizes from the Diwari brand.

 We wish you a pleasant shopping experience at Conte!


We deliver to all cities and regions of the Russian Federation


You can pay for orders in our online store in any convenient way.

Warranty and Returns

We will easily replace the defective product with another product or return the money.

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