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Codashop is a global marketplace for in-game currencies and content, trusted by millions of gamers and digital consumers in over 65 markets worldwide.

Whether it's VALORANT or GTA, Tinder or Spotify, Codashop is the platform of choice for taking life's digital experiences over the top!

How does it work?

A simple API integration enables game publishers and
digital content providers to sell in-game currencies, bundles, subscriptions, and more on our marketplace.

Why choose Codashop?

Publishers who choose any of Coda's services unlock a range of benefits, including more favorable rates than traditional app stores, support with tax obligations as merchant of record, and access to a reliable and battle-tested platform. Here are a few other things that make Codashop distinctive.

Reach new paying audiences

Millions of paying gamers visit Codashop each month: reach this valuable audience by selling on our marketplace.

No need to build a separate APK

Forget about fragmentation and distribution problems. Focus your valuable technical resources on more valuable activities.

Simplify your payments project

Let us do the work – Codashop eliminates the need to design, localize, build, host, secure and maintain your own payment website.

Reduce fraud and avoid chargebacks

Enjoy peace of mind with built-in fraud and chargeback protection across any Codashop payment method.

Customer support in 21 languages

Entrust your customers to a dedicated support team that manages over 50,000 tickets monthly with a satisfaction score of 90%+

Compliance with global data privacy regimes

We make serious investments in people, processes, and technology to comply with CPPA, GDPR, LGPD, PDPA, and other global data protection and privacy regimes.

Access the xShop partner network

Extend the reach of your Codashop integration with xShop and monetize similarly via other apps and e-commerce platforms.

One simple fee: 15%

That’s half what distribution platforms typically charge large developers.

Increase your conversion rate

Product pages on Codashop have been A/B tested and thoughtfully designed to optimize for conversion rates and maximize revenue.

local marketing


Access our proprietary marketing resources, and let our global marketing team unlock campaigns from payment channels on your behalf. Visit Codashop to see the types of campaigns we're running today.

Grow your


with Codacash

Codacash is our proprietary wallet that enables Codashoppers to maintain a balance on our site, from which they can spend seamlessly. Its features are designed to make monetizing digital content a success.

First-time payment discounts

Get customers paying with Codacash by rewarding their first purchase with a discount.

Challenge campaigns

Reward customers for completing payment activities with progressive discounts and item codes.

Cashback campaigns

Keep your customers coming back with Codacash cashback rewards for subsequent purchases.

Voucher code giveaways

Reward customers with Codacash in return for participating in your campaigns.

Abouts Company Coda

Founded in 2011, Coda brings over a decade of experience managing the complexities of monetization and content discovery in gaming and beyond. Coda is trusted by over 300 publishers – including industry giants Activision Blizzard, Bigo, Electronic Arts, Riot Games, and Zynga – to grow revenue, profit margins, and customer engagement by connecting them to 10M+ paying customers around the world. Coda offers channel, platform and payment solutions including Codapay, which offers direct payments integration on publishers’ websites, and Codashop, the preferred destination for in-game content purchases for millions of gamers worldwide, and xShop, which makes their content available on a range of e-commerce platforms.

Headquartered in Singapore and backed by Smash Capital, Insight Partners, GIC, Apis Partners, and GMO Global Payment Fund, Coda has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in APAC by the Financial Times, Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and the Best Payment Solutions Provider for the Gaming Industry (Global) by Global Brand Magazine.


To offer the best value, experience, and entertainment to our customers, every day, without fail


To be the platform of choice for taking life’s digital experiences over the top

Our Co-FoundersPaul Leishman: Executive Director

A co-founder of Coda, Paul is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with Coda’s clients.

Neil Davidson: Executive Chairman

A co-founder of Coda, Neil is responsible for corporate development, strategy, and key account management.

What is a top-up and how does it work?

Millions of gamers count on Codashop every month for a seamless purchase experience when buying in-game items and currencies. With direct top-ups, we partner directly with your favorite publishers so that purchases are added to your game account instantly. Simply input your game ID and server, and you are on your way!

Easy and Fast

It only takes a few seconds to complete a purchase on Codashop.

Instant Delivery

When you top-up on Codashop, your purchase is delivered directly to your game account as soon as your payment is complete.

Quick and Easy Gifting

Send in-game currencies to friends, family, or your favorite streamer as easily as topping up your own account.

Purchase with Confidence

Codashop has direct relationships with all publishers on our website, so rest assured any purchase is 100% authorized and legitimate.

Customer Support

Our friendly customer support team is always available to assist you. Contact us!

Exclusive Promotions and Discounts

Keep a lookout for the best deals for your favorite games with Codashop promotions.

Sign up to Codashop today!

Be first to know about exclusive promos and deals

Easy access to your order history

Faster and more secure

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