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Cherry Servers in a world where cloud vendors are aiming to lock you in their proprietary ecosystems, we are working hard to erase barriers and give back control to developers. We believe that open source is the decisive force in cloud industry, as it is more secure, cost-effective, and able to foster profound synergies between different cloud native services.

Platform is rooted in an open source community, and we are always building interconnections with fellow cloud native providers, so you could benefit from a wide array of cloud services. In addition to being open, we empower you with specialized cloud infrastructure and give you full control over how you use it. Raw and simple.

21 Years in business

51% Annual revenue growth for the past 5 years

15000+ Servers provisioned every year

8 Average standard server set up time (minutes)

Cloud Infrastructure
For Smart Developers

Build on an open cloud platform that gives you full control, ensures stable workloads and provides free technical support 24/7

Maximize Your Infrastructure Efficiency

Adjust your cloud to your workload, not the other way around

Top Quality Virtual Servers

Shared or dedicated virtual servers for small & medium workloads. Deployed in 3 minutes.

Instant Dedicated Servers

Private bare metal servers for high-end workloads. Deployed in 3 minutes.

Custom Dedicated Servers

Choose every hardware component yourself. Deployed in a few hours.

Public Cloud Platform

On-demand, spot or fixed-term billing, clean API and automated network.

Control Your Costs

Consume cloud infrastructure the way you would like for a price you would expect

  • On-demandManage fluctuating workloads with on-demand servers deployed in 3 minutes and billed per-hour.
  • Fixed-termHost your stable long-term workloads cost-effectively for a fixed time period.
  • Spot MarketDeploy your fault-tolerant app and save up to 60% by temporarily utilizing our spare servers stock.

Experience Cherry-on-top Services

We are probably the most helpful and friendly people in cloud industry

  • 24/7 Technical SupportGet qualified technical assistance anytime you need it
    by email, live chat or phone.
  • Personal Account ManagerHave a single point of contact that will ensure
    peronalized care of your account with us.
  • SLA Uptime 99,97%Rest assured that your services are up and running,
    with our data-based service uptime guarantee.

Be a Part of an Open Cloud Ecosystem

Fulfill your multi-cloud strategy with our open cloud platform and cloud-native integrations

  • Elegant APIAutomate everything yourself by using our RESTful API, CLI or Python & GO native libraries.
  • DevOps IntegrationsDeploy and manage your cloud inftastructure more easily with Ansible and Terraform modules.
  • Partnered Cloud ServicesLeverage the services of Cloudflare, Backblaze and our other partners, as we ensure unmetered bandwidth.

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Cherry Servers
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