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CDEK is recognized on all continents of the globe.

We are a close-knit team of like-minded people who work with pleasure and interest.

CDEK's experience is adopted by those who want to create a successful business in the field of logistics.

The goal of our work is the trust and happy smiles of our clients.

We are ahead of the market, constantly opening up new opportunities for life and business.


We make people's lives more convenient and better. And we love it!


There is a man behind the package.Each shipment contains fate, history, a significant event for the company, the person and his loved ones. This is what determines all our actions.We keep our word.To keep our word, we are ready to do more, find non-standard solutions for clients of colleagues and partners.SDEK is WE.We love our work and do it well. We help and support each other. The result depends on each of us.Openness.We openly share our achievements and talk honestly about mistakes. We are sincere with our clients and colleagues.Let's get better.Every day we gain new knowledge, find new ideas, opportunities and solutions. We put them into practice.


2,000year of foundation

1,000,000active users


300,000departures per day


67,000+settlements around the world

Benefits of working with us
  • PricesWe are constantly improving our tariffs and introducing new ones: faster, cheaper, with delivery by courier or to a pick-up point.
  • Office networkMore than 2,900 unique pick-up points in 21 countries. With a fitting room and a children's corner, your child won't be bored while you check out your purchases.
  • InformingWe are always in touch if you need help with filling out an application, calling a courier or tracking your cargo. Call the hotline or write to official accounts on social networks.
  • PaymentWe accept payment in a convenient way: by card and cash, on the website and at delivery points, before receiving the parcel and after.
  • ServicesSpecial services for all clients: free integration for online stores, personal account for business, simple returns and cash on delivery for individuals.

We are a reliable partner: we send parcels carefully , help you increase business profits or open your own as a franchise.

Popular Products

CDEK IDReceive or send parcels without a passport and accumulate points in the loyalty program

Safe transaction with NalozhkaWe will help you carry out purchases and sales between individuals safely and profitably

CDEK ForwardDelivery of goods from online stores in the USA and 12 other countries around the world

Purchase returnsA convenient way to return a purchase to an online store

Mobile appTrack, process and pay for parcels. Receive notifications about the most important things, evaluate the quality of services

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