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Top Points Reviews Blibli itself is one of the free shipping online stores in Indonesia which is recommended by some people who want to shop for goods with a fairly large shipping weight. And Tiket are one of its superior products.

Shopping at Blibli is quite easy, you can pay with a credit card, pay on the spot, or pay with Alfamart, Kredivo and Akulaku.

At Blibli there are also vouchers available in various forms which are interesting to try.

However, it is also called online shopping, of course nothing is perfect, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The following is a complete story of my experience when ordering goods at Blibli.

Overview of Blibli
Have you ever shopped at Blibli?

Of course, you are already familiar with this online shop. If you like watching badminton or badminton, you definitely know this blibli, you know, the one that is displayed on the t-shirts of our badminton athletes ^_^

Shopping experience at blibli

Initially, I actually never shopped online via online shopping sites like Lazada, Blibli, Shopee and other e-commerce sites.

Because I knew a friend who liked shopping online, I finally became interested in shopping at online stores in Indonesia, one of which was the shopping experience at blibli.

Is the Blibli site trustworthy?

Who doesn't want to shop online on a trusted online shop site in Indonesia? Of course, we don't want to shop at fraudulent online stores, fake online stores that use names that are similar to trusted online stores.

If you want to check whether an online shop is trusted or not, at least we first see whether the online shop uses a free domain or not.

If the online shop uses a paid domain, let alone paid hosting, then it is very likely that the online shop is a trusted online shop that does not deceive its customers.

Even though paid domains and hosting do not guarantee that an online shop is definitely not a fraud, it is more trustworthy compared to online shops that use free hosting and domains.

There are actually many other factors that need to be seen whether the online shop is trustworthy or not.

For the Blibli.com online shop itself, in my opinion this e-commerce is a trusted online shop in Indonesia based on my experience shopping at Blibli.

Everything regarding shopping conditions at blibli com, shopping guide at blibli, how to shop at blibli in installments, how to pay blibli, how to cancel an order at blibli, live chat blibli, blibli promos, and various other important information is already on blibli so it is appropriate for this online shopping site to be included in one of the Trusted Online Stores in Indonesia that does not deceive its customers.

Advantages of Blibli

Even though I had a very, very disappointing experience when shopping at Blibli, this online shopping site in Indonesia still has its advantages.

The main advantage of blibli is free shipping.

When shopping at Blibli, we can get free shipping up to IDR 200 thousand, for the Java island area and those that can be reached by JNE Trucking.

Like my experience when buying a bicycle online via Blibli, I could buy a bicycle online for free.

This is because postage from Jakarta to Lampung is less than 200 thousand, but above 150 thousand.

Well, it's really nice to be able to get shipping costs subsidies of up to 200 thousand.

So, for those of you who want to buy goods weighing more than 10 kg and can use JNE Truck, with expensive postage, you can shop at Blibli and get free shipping.

Disadvantages of Blibli

The disadvantage of this site is that it is difficult to communicate with the seller, because there is no chat menu like on Shopee.

Shopee has a live chat feature, bargaining prices, so it's easier to communicate with sellers.

Apart from that, there are not as many promos on Blibli as there are on Shopee, so in the comparison between Shopee VS Blibli, people prefer Shopee.

Review of shopping experiences at Blibli that will make you give up
I have had two shopping experiences at blibli, and my second experience was really disappointing, because the delivery time for my order at blibli took up to 4 months.

Actually, it's not entirely Blibli's fault, I'm also here to complain about the very disappointing complaint service from Bank Mandiri Cut Mutia.

Let's review my shopping experience at Blibli one by one:

First shopping experience at blibli

Because I had a 100 thousand shopping voucher at blibli, I finally used the voucher code to shop at blibli.

I used this blibli shopping voucher to buy a mukena and bag for my mother, who really wanted to order a new mukena.

Both of my orders came from different stores, and both had free shipping from blibli. Thank God, my first shopping experience at blibli.com went smoothly without any obstacles.

The quality of the goods corresponds to the price, the goods are delivered on time, it doesn't take too long, it's been delivered in less than 1 week. Overall, it's safe to shop at blibli first.

About BliBli

The most complete omnichannel trade and lifestyle ecosystem platform in Indonesia

Since its founding, Blibli has always focused on our goal – to be the Trading Ecosystem of Choice for Consumers and Institutions. Customer needs continue to evolve over time; To meet the needs of modern and technology-savvy Indonesian customers (Consumers, Business or Government), we have built a leading integrated omnichannel ecosystem capable of meeting almost 90% of the potential expenditure needs of Indonesian people, including daily necessities, travel, lifestyle, electronic goods to furniture. household and monthly bills. We are more than just an e-Commerce platform; We are an inseparable part of Indonesian people's lives, every day.

Unified Ecosystem

The superior quality of service we provide to our consumers (users, sellers and business partners) has led us to achieve one of the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the industry.

User Merger

With the Blibli – tiket ecosystem, you only need one account to log in. Simplify the way you enjoy our platforms.

Membership Equality

For Blibli and tiket members, just connect your account and get the highest membership level with us. Stay tuned for more benefits coming soon!

Shopping for Offline and Online Needs

Shop for daily necessities online from Ranch Market or Farmers, Marke at Blibli, send them to your house or pick them up at the nearest Ranch Market or Farmers Market outlet.

Get Only the Best

Get the best from the Blibli ticket ecosystem, #1 Omnichannel Consumer Electronic, #1 Omnichannel Fresh Food, #1 Largest Travel Inventory, #1 OTA with the fastest growth.

Investors Area

Blibli is an integrated omnichannel trading ecosystem developed in Indonesia, by Indonesians, and to serve the Indonesian people. We are highly committed to improving the shopping experience and meeting the needs of the Indonesian people for a better life.

Omnichannel Solutions

By providing seamless omnichannel commerce solutions to ensure the best shopping experience for our customers, both through offers and online and offline channels.

Blibli Partners

Retail partners can increase their source of income by selling various original products at Blibli Mitra.

Blibli Instore

More than 10,377 offline store partners have adopted Blibli Instore, which allows customers to shop offline and make payments online via the Blibli platform.

Click & Collect

Blibli collaborates with more than 12,880 partners who enable customers to order and make payments online, and then pick up their shopping products directly at offline stores

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