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About Bitmedia Crypto and Bitcoin Ad Network

Who we are?

Founded in 2014 by a group of crypto enthusiasts and specialists in digital advertising and marketing, Bitmedia was meant to fill the needs of crypto businesses and crypto websites. Having been in the space from the ground up, we have managed to collect a large number of unique highly targeted audience from more than 7000 crypto related websites.

Our solution opens a large scope of opportunities for publishers to efficiently monetize their audience as well as gain much control over their advertising incomes.

At the same time Bitmedia has managed to set a solid workflow to cater the needs of vast array of crypto and blockchain projects, whilst tailoring our ad services to the requirements of each specific case.

Crypto Ad Marketplace

Your one stop solution to business growth and audience acquisition! Welcome to the most effective bitcoin ad network!

High performing ad formats

Rich Media

Adaptable smart banners make your bitcoin ads more attractive and give you greater interaction with the audience, sourced via our bitcoin advertising network.


Be it an animation or changing blocks of text, this interactive and therefore attention-grabbing format lets you pack more information into a bitcoin ad.

Display Ads

Place banners of all possible sizes within our publisher network, expand your customer base and increase profits.

Solutions for advertisers

Reach millions of crypto savvy visitors by placing seamless bitcoin ads within our handpicked publisher network

Flexible pricing models

CPC or CPM, whatever! We want your budget to work effectively whatever the goals of your bitcoin ad campaign are.

Customised targeting

Particular crypto audience of any kind, and many other targeting settings, will make your ads reach the right customer.

High-end publisher placement

Get total control over where your crypto ads are displayed, by selecting from top performing sources on our crypto ad network.

Tools for Publishers

Improve your revenue by using Bitmedia crypto advertising network as well as our custom ad inventory

Hundreds of advertisers

30 000 ad campaigns served and counting. When you publish bitcoin ads from our platform, you get the best performing solution and superior user experience for your audience.

Earnings management

With Bitmedia bitcoin advertising network we leave it up to you to decide how much you want to make from publishing ads.

Custom publisher tools

Do you have your own advertisers but need a SaaS solution for management and statistics? Bitmedia’s ad inventory has all of these within its coin network platform.


Campaigns served by our platform


Monthly impressions our advertisers reach


Monthly global unique audience reach

Brief history


Founded in order to promote crypto to a wider audience


First 1000 ad campaigns served


More than 1B monthly ad impressions


Sold more than 2 000 BTC worth of ads


Introducing rich media ad formats


More than 7000 active publishers joined


Adding PR to the range of existing services


Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, Bitmedia’s team will help you to get started! We’ll walk you through the platform, help to achieve marketing objectives and even design your ads for you if the need comes.




71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ

BITMEDIA LTD, Company No. 09469636

Bitmedia Details


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