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About Aviasales

Aviasales is a service that helps you find flight tickets. Here’s how it works:

  1. You open the app or website, enter your destination and travel dates, and we’ll search through different airlines and agencies for the best tickets.
  2. You select the ticket you want and hit “Buy.” We then redirect you to the seller’s website, where you fill in your passenger details and complete the purchase.
  3. After payment, the seller emails you the itinerary receipt.
  4. You're good to go!

Aviasales doesn’t save tickets or charge a commission, and it shows you the exact prices quoted by airlines and agencies. You can find your ticket via your account on the seller’s website, which is also where any changes to your ticket, such as refunds and exchanges, can be made. We can’t make those kinds of changes for you, but if you have any questions regarding your tickets and trips, our support team is always happy to help.

How our service works

Search form

  1. Select your departure and destination cities.
  2. Select your travel dates – a calendar will open up when you tap ‘Departure’ or ‘Return’.
  3. Don’t need a return ticket? Press the button: ‘I don’t need a return ticket’.
  4. Select the number of adults, children (aged from 2 to 12 inclusive), and infants (aged from 2 years) in the field on the right. You can select your class of service – Economy or Business.
  5. Tick the box ‘Open Booking.com in a new window’ to search for hotels in your destination city.
  6. Done all that? Press the big button – ‘Search tickets’.

If you’re using the app, don’t forget to first select the country and the appropriate currency in your regional settings via your profile.

Search results

The search results show the flight options available along with ticket information such as their price, the agencies and airlines offering them, the dates and times of departure and arrival, the airports, number of layovers, flight time and baggage allowances.

Aviasales determines flight characteristics and shows them as symbols. For example, an hourglass represents long layovers, while overnight layovers are shown as a crescent moon.To get the flight number and detailed flight info, press on the ticket itself or the ‘Select ticket’ button.


Using the filters, you can customize the results to suit your needs and preferences, setting parameters such as the number of layovers, departure and arrival times, baggage allowances, layover duration, airports, airlines and more. Press the relevant parameter and tick the box next to what you want to change.

You can also sort the results by price or popularity.

Useful tips

  1. It’s cheaper to buy return tickets rather than separate flights. In the calendar you’ll see the dates with the cheapest flight tickets in green.
  2. As well as the city, you can specify the arrival airport. Just enter the city name and select an airport.

Buying a ticket

Press the Select ticket button, and we’ll show you all our partners offering the ticket. On the ticket card you’ll find baggage information and an option to add baggage to the ticket if it’s not included by default.Press the price button, and we’ll redirect you to the seller’s website, where you’ll be able to book and pay for your ticket.

After being redirected to the seller’s website all that’s left to do is fill out the passenger details form, enter a valid phone number and email address, and select a payment method.Double‑check your email! If you make a typo in the email address field, your ticket won’t find you and you’ll have to contact the seller to get it. Make sure the address is correct before continuing.

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