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Audiomania, a leading supplier of quality solutions for home, professional and portable audio and video in Russia.

Audiomania was founded in 1997 in Moscow, and currently we are an international company with our own development, production and assembly center in Europe. That is, we not only sell products from the world's best brands, but also ourselves develop and produce speaker systems, cable products and accessories for AV systems. For example, acoustic systems under the Arslab brand, which we presented in 2009 simultaneously at the largest international exhibition CES in Las Vegas, the USA and Russia.

But that's not the main thing. In fact, many companies sell audio equipment. But few people see in this the meaning and passion of their whole life. Many people call themselves professionals. But there are few places where people work who are truly passionate about what they do.

Our willingness to offer an individual approach to each client is a manifestation of sincere care for you and your time. Do you want to supplement or modernize your system? Do you need a home theater? We will help you choose the best, taking into account your sound and musical preferences, the characteristics of the room, and professionally install everything according to your wishes. And this applies to any equipment, from multi-room projects of any complexity to the purchase of an acoustic cable or vinyl record.

And finally, 7 facts that can only be said about the Audiomania company:

  1. We only sell equipment that we ourselves like and enjoy;
  2. We buy a significant part of our products directly from manufacturers, which allows you to purchase higher-class equipment for the same money;
  3. We daily apply in our work the best principles from the experience of working with clients and services of international companies, and also come up with new ones;
  4. Everything we offer and recommend can be listened to in advance before purchasing in one of our listening rooms in Moscow 7 days a week;
  5. We listen to our customers and study the quality of products, which helps us exceed your expectations;
  6. We have our own delivery service in Moscow and the nearest Moscow region;
  7. Free delivery throughout Russia is available in our store.

And in conclusion, I would like to recall the words of one of our regular customers, who wrote that every time he buys from us, he is sure that he will receive a quality product. For us, this is the best characteristic.

Here is very briefly what we would like to say about our company. Tell us about yourself. We invite you to one of our showrooms. Let's talk about music and listen to the best acoustics at a time convenient for you.

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