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Founded in 2019, Atlas VPN is a highly secure freemium VPN service with a goal to make safe and open internet accessible for everyone. In 2021, Atlas VPN became part of Nord Security — a leader in providing digital security and privacy solutions. While relatively new to the VPN scene, we are already trusted by more than 6 million users across the world.

Our mission

Our main driving force is to make digital privacy and security accessible to all consumers, irrespective of their budget or tech-savviness. Anyone is welcome to try Atlas VPN for free or sign up for Premium services with more additional features. Regardless of your decision, we will fully support your journey to privacy.

Our team

At Atlas VPN, we are committed to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity. Every day we strive to create innovative cybersecurity solutions that would improve the digital lives of people around the world. Meet the team behind our product.

Working hard to deliver the best

Online tracking is rather unpleasant, even if you do not have anything to hide. Atlas VPN serves as your shield against surveillance, censorship, and internet restrictions.

Seamless invincibility

We take your privacy and security very seriously. So, Atlas VPN uses AES-256 and ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption and both IPSec/IKEv2 and WireGuard® protocols to forward your data safely.

Verified app security

We perform internal audits regularly to guarantee quality services. VerSprite has also tested the security of our iOS app and proved it to be completely safe to use. Also, Atlas VPN has received many excellent reviews from well-known industry specialists like VPNpro and TechRadar.

No personal data logging

We keep only the bare minimum of information necessary to provide our services (such as your payment details to process your purchase fully). Other than that, we keep no activity logs. As a result, we have no way of knowing exactly what you do online.

Everlasting improvements

Our team is committed to improving Atlas VPN and strives to be innovative. Thus, we work hard to deliver new quality features!


Our SafeSwap servers allow you to access the internet from a number of IP addresses at a time, further boosting your anonymity online.


SafeBrowse blocks dangerous websites (malware links, phishing sites, etc.) that might compromise your experience.

Data Breach Monitor

Our all-in detection mechanisms scour the internet to investigate whether your personal details have been exposed online.

Be a part of the Atlas VPN journey

We try to make the open and secure internet accessible to all. Join our family of more than 6 million happy users!

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