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AdminVPS is the first company on the Russian hosting market to provide all-inclusive services. We structured the work in such a way that our clients did not need to understand the intricacies of server settings, and all the work was done by our specialists.

Since our founding in 2015, we have continued to develop and become better for our clients. During this time, we have opened new directions and improved the quality of our services. Today our team consists of more than 10 true professionals, each of whom contributes to the development of our services so that you can host your sites and know that they will work as well as possible.

Today our company has 25,000+ websites in service and 9,000+ clients.

What are we doing

Our main specialization is the rental of VPS servers in Russia, Germany, Belarus, the Netherlands and Kazakhstan. We have adjusted the work to perfection and are 100% confident in the quality of our services. At the same time, VPS servers are not our only service. In addition to VPS/VDS servers, our clients have access to virtual hosting, dedicated physical servers, domain name registration and many other services.

AdminVPS Philosophy

Our goal is to make hosting as open as possible without hidden fees and with the maximum included package of necessary services. First of all, this concerns system administration, without which it is impossible to provide virtual hosting, VPS/VDS and dedicated server services. We are firmly convinced that renting a VPS server is impossible without competent advice and qualified technical support, so we created the first premium hosting on the “All-inclusive” system in the CIS market! , in which customers do not have to pay extra for such basic, but absolutely necessary services.

We provide a service with which you do not need to carry out administration work yourself: neither moving sites, nor solving a sudden problem. And you don’t have to pay extra for system administration services. At the same time, the cost of our services differs only slightly from the average price on the market.

Our equipment

We pay special attention to data security. All data is backed up in several directions and to different data centers. We allocate space for backups for free and also help you set up backups for free.

All Russian servers are located in a unique Tier 3+ data center in Moscow with powerful protection and high download speeds. We regularly update our server hardware and install only new and latest software on all servers, which allows us to guarantee 99.98% uptime. All foreign locations are also located in Tier 3+ data centers.

our clients

Our clients include a wide variety of companies and individuals, and a very large percentage of online stores. We are ready to fulfill the requirements for absolutely any project, regardless of its level of complexity. For owners of online stores, the stability and performance of their websites is especially important, because the number of sales directly depends on this.

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our services and if you have any suggestions or comments, we will be glad if you write to us about them. You will help us become better!

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