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Effortlessly send payments to contractors worldwide

Fast payments to freelancers, team, and clients with no limits, accompanied by automatic generation of closing documents

We are chosen by 

IT-oriented businesses

Remote teams

IT companies



GameDev Companies


How it works

  1. Set up an account and invite your team

Register effortlessly, no phone calls or meetings required

2. Add funds to your account and establish payout terms

We accept USD/EUR/USDT

3. Send payments with just one click

Choose a convenient payment method for your contractor: card, bank acount or cryptocurrency.

4. Obtain the closing documents

Generate invoices and receipts automatically following payment

Business without limitations

Fast payments to contractors worldwide

Send payments globally with card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.

Send payments in your preffered currency.

No more bank restrictions or inquiries. We handle everything.

Convenient for contractors

Receive funds through card, account, or cryptocurrency.

Receive funds from customers without the need for additional accounts or bank cards.

Receive immediate funds in your preferred currency without any exchange rate losses.

Rapid and dependable fund delivery within hours.

Manual paperwork is a thing of the past

Replace hundreds with a single contract. One contract with us, we manage agreements with all contractors.

Automated document retrieval for accounting and auditing purposes.

Legal compliance in transactions, intellectual property transfer.

Convenient for contractors

No need to create invoices

Save time on understanding customers' legal documents.

No extra contracts needed for copyright transfer.

Prepared document set for submission to any institution.

Effortlessly handle a remote team

Effortlessly hire contractors worldwide in 190 countries without the need to familiarize yourself with local laws.

Save the team when moving to other countries.

Centralize team payouts management.

Convenient for contractors

Travel and receive payments in any bank worldwide.

Fast online onboarding and paperwork.

Local Compliance

Unrestricted global customer collaboration.

Payments Solution

Streamline payments to contractors

Automate payments in your company. Send fast and convenient payments worldwide in any currency. Eliminate the tedious process of managing payments and free up time for valuable business tasks.

Our approach to simplifying payments

Automate payments

  • Invite contractors to the platform once and pay for all their work with a single click, eliminating the need for regular bank payments and paper documents.
  • Send payments to contractors without the need to wait for invoices or other documents from them.
  • Automatically receive accounting and auditing documents after each payment without the contractor's involvement.

Send payouts quickly

  • Make payments to contractors worldwide, directly to their card, current account, or crypto-wallet.
  • Forget about bank restrictions and requests when sending payments.
  • Download payment registers for efficiently managing payments to a large number of performers at once.

Pay in your preferred currency

  • Easily add funds to your account balance in your preferred currency (USD/EUR/USDT).
  • Convert your balance to the desired currency for payments to your contractor.
  • Send payments to your contractor without the need for them to open extra accounts or bank cards.

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