Good plant seeds have bright green leaves or reddish green shoots. Choose stems that are sturdy and will be large according to the dense leaves, not infested with fungus, or dry. It's the same with seed twigs. Choose plant branches that are parallel and evenly dense.

Having a fun hobby is the dream of many people. Because, through hobbies, you can channel your talents, relieve stress, and also get entertainment. That's why some people think that having a hobby is very important.

Well, in this world there are various types of hobbies, such as sports, reading books, singing, drawing, and many others. Not everything has to be done with extra effort or expense, even simple things can still be a hobby as long as they are enjoyable. 

Talking about hobbies, during the Covid-19 pandemic, there is one hobby that seems to be popular with many people. Yup , that hobby is farming or gardening. Whether young or old, both of them love this activity. One reason is because of the appeal to stay at home. 

Thanks to this, now the price of ornamental plants on the market has risen quite sharply. Some people deliberately hunt for certain types of plants to satisfy their love of plants. In fact, the land around the house is used in such a way to plant various types of plants.

Not only that, there are also parties who not only hunt for plants for their personal collections, but also make it a business area by selling plant seeds. Wow, can you imagine how exciting this new hobby is? You can still carry out your hobby while doing business and of course make a profit.

However, you can't open a business carelessly! There must still be careful planning and calculations so that the business can run optimally. To find out what you need to prepare before starting a plant seed business, you need to pay attention to the things below.

Understand Opportunities

Before starting a plant seed business, you need to learn what kind of opportunities are offered. This means how far this business can be run and how much income can be received. You can get all this information by doing simple research. 

Do Simple Research

As mentioned previously, before starting this business it is a good idea for you to do simple research first. This needs to be done to find out information about this plant seed business and minimize the risk of loss so that it does not cause a burden in the future.

In doing research, you can find out about how to manage plant seeds, how to get the best quality, care for them, market them, and other things. Or you can also find out what plants are popular so you can provide the seeds. 

Selection of Seed Type

If you have decided to open a business selling plant seeds, then you have to decide what type of seeds you want to sell. It's best to focus first on one or two types of seeds, whether for planting in pots, bare roots, or rootballs. 

If you have mastered it, then you can expand your business reach to other types of seeds. This is intended so that the maintenance carried out can run optimally so as to produce quality products. 

Land Availability

Well, one of the important components in starting a plant seed business is the availability of land. The reason is, this business requires quite a large area of ​​land. If you don't have land, you can also rent or buy suitable land.

However, before deciding to use the land, make sure the location is strategic. Where access to care for and sell seeds is sufficient. Surrounding facilities such as light, access to sunlight, and irrigation channels also need to be considered. 

Business permit

Something that may escape the attention of prospective plant seed business people is regional regulations. This relates to the obligation of business actors to have a business permit.

The activity of buying and selling plant seeds is included in the category of agricultural land use or trade which is regulated by law so it is important to have a business permit. Don't let it happen that when your business is running, you get entangled in licensing problems that will have an impact on the running of your business.

Determine Supplier

One very important aspect of your role in the plant seed business that you are running is of course suppliers . They are the ones who provide the materials that you will market. For this reason, it is important for business actors to establish good relationships with suppliers. Some suppliers you need to look for are,

1. Seeds or Seedlings

You must be able to get quality natural seed suppliers but at the lowest prices. Adjust it to your business margin and don't choose the wrong supplier because it can affect the running of your business. 

2. Pots

So, if you open a potted plant seed business, it is necessary to collaborate with quality and trusted pot craftsmen. You can choose pots of various sizes or simply use peat cups as a medium for growing plants.

3. Other Equipment

There is equipment that must be provided as a means of supporting seed care. Such as landscape fabric, mulch, and soil conditioning. 

Marketing strategy

When the product is ready, of course you need the right strategy to market it to customers. You can use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or you can also use advertisements on e-commerce. 

The next marketing method, which is no less effective, is word of mouth or commonly known as word of mouth marketing. This means that you can ask customers for help marketing your merchandise. 

This of course must be balanced with the best service that must be provided to every customer who comes. Because, if customers are impressed, they will be happy to recommend your business even without being asked.

Another thing that can be done to attract buyers is packaging . Don't just wrap it, but at least provide a paper bag or spunbond as environmentally friendly packaging. That way, the products you offer can look more attractive. Sumber

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