The deliciousness of pizza really makes its connoisseurs addicted. So it is not surprising that many people are looking for this processed food. Pizza is indeed very suitable to be enjoyed at any time, especially if enjoyed while relaxing and accompanied by a cup of your favorite drink, it will definitely add to the enjoyment many times over.

Types of pizza

As you know, in other countries pizza is differentiated in terms of crust, sauce, toppings, and the way it is served. So, you must know the types of pizza from various countries through the information below.

1. Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan pizza, or  pizza Napoletana  , is a type of pizza originating from Naples, Italy. Neapolitan pizza is prepared with simple, fresh ingredients: basic pizza dough, raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and olive oil without any fancy toppings. One characteristic is that there is often more sauce than cheese, leaving the center of the pie soggy or not conducive to being served by pizza slices. Because of this, the shape of a Neapolitan pizza is generally quite small (around 10 to 12 inches), making it closer to the size of a personal pizza. Neapolitan pizza can be cooked at very high temperatures (800 F-900 F) for no more than 90 seconds.

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2. Chicago pizza

This pizza was first made and developed in the city of Chicago in the 1900s. Both are round like other pizzas, but this Chicago pizza has a thicker shape, almost like a pie. The topping for Chicago pizza is also different, namely placing it under a layer of tomato sauce. The toppings that are often used on this pizza usually consist of sausage, pizza meat, onions, mushrooms, and others.

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3. New York style pizza

This pizza is quite famous in the United States and appeared in the 1990s. At first glance, the shape resembles Neapolitan pizza, but New York style pizza has a thicker shape and is easier to fold. Generally, New York style pizza has toppings of sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and so on.

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 4. Sicilian pizza

Sicilian pizza is different from pizza in general, namely because it is square. This type of pizza is also known because it is thicker and has a chewy texture. The toppings used for this pizza usually consist of mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, sausage, mushrooms, and so on. However, this topping can be adjusted according to customer requests.

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5. California pizza

This pizza was first made in the 1970s by providing a combination of other pizzas. Just like pizza in general, this California pizza has a round shape but is not too thin. Toppings on these pizzas are as varied as artichoke hearts, avocado, and goat cheese, and many California-style pizzas come in vegetarian or vegan options and can be adjusted to customer requests.

6. Greek pizza

This type of pizza was discovered by Costas Kitsatis, aka Constantinos Kombouzis or Charlie, its initial creation because of Greek immigrants who came to the United States and met typical Italian pizza. Finally, these immigrants made pizza with their own flavors and variations. The crust on this pizza is different from other pizzas because the texture is more fluffy and chewy. Usually this pizza uses tomato sauce, sausage, cheese and a strong aroma of oregano.

7. Tomato pie

This pizza is an Italian-American and Italian-Canadian baked dish inspired by Sicilian pizza. The shape of the pizza is square and the crust is thick, just like a pie. This pizza top consists of sweet tomato sauce and has a sharp aroma. Generally, this pizza usually uses cheese toppings and other supports.

The advantages and disadvantages of running a pizza business

  1. Pizza Business Profits: Pizza business profits are not easy to achieve, of course we need hard work and effective marketing tricks. Ways that can be done so that the pizza business can develop further are by advertising in the mass media, distributing brochures, and conducting market tests or distributing products for free ( testers ) so that consumers can experience the products being sold. That way, the opportunity for a pizza business can promise tempting profits.
  2. Disadvantages of the pizza business, pizza dishes cannot last long, pizza can easily go stale and rot. Food that cannot last long must be sold out quickly so that the risk of selling pizza products is not to lose too much


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