who doesn't know this typical Italian culinary delight? For the Indonesian palate, this type of culinary is already familiar to a number of audiences and knows no age limits. With so many wide open market maps, it automatically opens up business opportunities for business people. 

The pizza business is related to lots of toppings or fillings. This round bread dish with various toppings and cut into triangles is a favorite of many people. Starting from children to adults, because of its deliciousness.

Not only does it offer deliciousness, but this typical Italian food is also beneficial for body health. Because a slice of pizza contains cheese which contains 15 grams of protein which is needed for various things. Pizza also contains 3.2 grams of fiber which is useful for smoothing the digestive tract and lowering cholesterol levels. Pizza is rich in vitamins such as vitamins A and C, especially vegetable pizza. Pizza uses a layer of tomato sauce which contains lycopene or an antioxidant compound that can prevent cancer.

The content of vitamin B6 and manganese can also prevent cancer. The ingredients used, such as olive oil, can also reduce the bad fat content to prevent heart disease. With a sprinkling of garlic, pizza contains vitamin C which can be used to increase the body's endurance. It can even prevent osteoporosis because most pizzas are sprinkled with cheese which contains calcium.

List of Pizza Business Ideas with Unique Toppings

1. Rendang Pizza

Rendang, which is one of the culinary delights recognized worldwide for its deliciousness, can also be processed into a topping for pizza. This rendang pizza variant is very appetizing with rendang meat covered in spices as the topping, plus slices of red cherry tomatoes, onions, a little coconut milk and a touch of mozzarella cheese as the pizza topping. Isn't it suitable as a pizza business idea? 

2. Sambal Matah Tuna Pizza

For lovers of spicy food, it's not complete if you haven't tasted the delicious tuna pizza with a variation of Balinese sambal matah. The spicy and fresh sensation of the matah chili sauce combined with the crispy pizza bread can pamper your tongue. This sambal matah tuna pizza can be found at Society which is located in the Thamrin area, Jakarta. If you plan to start a pizza business, it doesn't seem wrong to have tuna and sambal matah pizza on your menu.

3. Pizza Chicken Satay

Enjoying chicken satay that is still on a skewer is delicious, but it turns out that chicken satay pizza is no less delicious. This pizza chicken satay is one of the pizza business ideas. This delicious chicken satay is used as a pizza topping. This pizza variation is even more delicious with a sprinkling of fresh pickles on top. This pizza bread is mixed with peanut sauce and appetizing pieces of chicken.

4. Peking Duck Pizza

The next pizza business idea is Peking duck pizza. You can get this Peking Duck Pizza at the Lobby Lounge and JJ Pub & Bar at Grand Melia, Jakarta. This Peking Duck Pizza uses a delicious topping of Peking duck pieces. This pizza is rich in taste with a sweet, savory taste that comes from the hoisin sauce and red onion slices and soft, savory mozzarella cheese. Plus sliced ​​green cayenne pepper which gives a delicious spicy sensation.

5. Pizza Scandinavia

This Scandinavian pizza is a thin pizza bread so it feels soft. Combined with mozzarella cheese which tastes delicious with an additional sprinkling of capers, sliced ​​cherry tomatoes and smoked salmon. The fragrant aroma of smoke plus the slightly spicy horseradish cream makes this pizza even more delicious. How? It seems like Scandinavian pizza can also be used as a pizza business idea.

6. Chicken Balado Pizza

Balado seasoning is a typical Indonesian spice that is popular with many people. The sweet and spicy taste of balado can be felt in a different form, namely as a pizza topping. With chicken pieces as a mixture, the chicken balado pizza menu could be an option if you want to use it as a menu in the pizza business that you want to manage.

7. Fried Banana Pizza

If pizza is usually made from bread, this pizza is quite different with banana as the base ingredient. The banana used is kapok banana which has a delicious taste and is suitable when combined with additional toppings. The fried bananas are left whole and solid, just pounded into a circle shape like pizza. Then top it with delicious toppings. Starting from green tea, cheese, Oreos and chocolate.


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