One of the most delicious meat ducks is Peking duck. Ducks from China have very distinctive characteristics, namely like geese but with short necks.

The fur color is typical white, the beak and legs are orange, with a plump (rather fat) body like a mantok.

Peking duck is a traditional food in China that originates from Beijing. Peking duck food is also found in Taiwan, brought by the nationalist Kuomintang government which lost the civil war and withdrew to Taiwan in 1949.

Peking Duck Business

Duck meat  is usually prepared using the cooking process of frying, steaming and accompanied by chili sauce. However, apart from the cooking process, it turns out that duck can also be processed into food by roasting which will produce an extraordinary taste like tender Peking duck. Tender Peking duck is a traditional food in China and originates from Beijing. This food menu is now very easy to find in Indonesia. This original tender Peking duck or tender Peking duck from Beijing is made from specially bred duck meat.

Ducks  are fattened by providing nutritious food. When the ducks are full, breeders usually force food into the duck's throat. This also makes Peking duck soft, usually called stuffed duck. Tender Peking duck is often found in upper middle class stalls to restaurants, most restaurants or food stalls use tender Peking duck as a mainstay menu.

Peking Duck Business Analysis

When you decide to take advantage of the Peking Duck business opportunity. There are several things that you must analyze, including the capital that must be spent, the estimated profit that can be obtained and so on.

Initial Investment

Business scale for 500 broiler Peking ducks

DOD price for Peking Duck, estimated at IDR 7,500/head

The death rate is about 2%

Harvest period 2 months

Production cost

1. DOD capital of 500 Peking ducks @ IDR 7,500 = IDR 3,750,000,

2. Feed costs:

Bran 200 kg @ 3,000, = IDR 600,000,

Concentrate 150 kg @Rp.8,000, = Rp. 1,200,000,

Salted fish bran 100 kg @Rp. 3,500 = Rp. 350,000,

Feed costs per harvest (2 months) = IDR 2,150,000,

3. Total initial capital = IDR 8,050,000,


Sales proceeds 98% x 500 head @ IDR 39,600, = IDR 19,404,000,

Initial Capital = IDR 8,050,000,

Income per harvest (2 months)* = IDR 11,354,000,

*)Income per harvest = Sales proceeds – Initial capital

The figure above is of course only a rough estimate, in reality we could get bigger profits or vice versa. Many factors can influence this, for example the number of deaths, seed prices, feed prices, and the selling price of  Peking Ducks  on the market. SOURCE

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