Peking Duck Business Opportunities

Peking duck is synonymous with rich people's dishes because the price is not friendly to ordinary people's pockets. This special dish used to be more often eaten by important people who visited China, from state leaders, diplomats and so on. 

As time went by these dishes began to be sold to the general public. Even though the price of Peking duck cannot be said to be cheap, many restaurants have succeeded in attracting customers from it. Not surprisingly, many people are starting to become interested in raising livestock.

Peking duck is a meat duck or meat duck with very fast growth. For this reason, the Peking duck farming business is very prospective. The need for duck meat among culinary entrepreneurs is very large. The characteristic of Peking ducks is their white feathers, which resemble muscovy ducks.

Analysis of Peking duck cultivation business

The following is an analysis of Peking duck cultivation that you should pay attention to:

1. Peking ducks grow very fast, faster than chickens. When a Peking duck is one month old, its weight reaches 1.5 kg and will double when it is 2 months old. As a comparison, if the weight of a broiler chicken of the same age is only approximately 1kg to 2 kg.

2. Peking ducks are more resistant to disease attacks than other birds.

3. The equipment needed to raise Peking ducks is very simple, both from cages and other tools. Even Peking ducks can live in the open with minimal cover.

4. Peking duck food can be found around the house, for example in the rice fields. For example, worms, small fish from rivers and other types of flora such as kale and others.

5. Ducks or ducks really like to be in groups so they are very easy to herd.

6. Peking ducks and other waterfowl do not have cannibal traits or do not like fighting unlike chickens.

7. Not only meat and eggs, duck feathers can also provide additional income for people.

8. Duck eggs are more valuable per item, while chicken eggs are measured in kg.

9. The price of ducks is more stable, especially eggs, compared to chickens.

That's a little analysis of the Peking duck business as a consideration for those of you who want to start a Peking duck cultivation business. From the analysis above it can be concluded that the cultivation of Peking ducks has good prospects as a meat or meat duck because the results are very profitable and the maintenance is quite easy and does not require so much capital. How do you want to try Raising Peking Ducks ? SOURCE

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