His love for ornamental plants became the initial capital for him to start this business. Because it's a hobby, he enjoys taking care of them, then knows the ins and outs of these plants so he can provide the best care according to the needs of each type.

As we know, the prices of ornamental plants also vary, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah during the pandemic. A plant that is much loved and does not lose out over time, one of which is Janda Bolong, its shape is unique and its price can reach millions of rupiah. Until now, there are still many ornamental plant lovers and they are still sought after by collectors. Are you interested in starting a promising ornamental plant business? Let's look at the ornamental plant business tips in the article below!

Tips for Starting an Ornamental Plant Business


After seeing the huge potential of ornamental plants, are you interested in starting an ornamental plant business? Before starting an ornamental plant business, it's a good idea to follow these tips:

  1. Increase knowledge and insight regarding ornamental plants.
    Having knowledge about the products being sold is one of the things that is very important and must be owned by business people, including ornamental plant business people. Increasing knowledge and insight about plants is very important to avoid unwanted risks. Not only that, for ornamental plant business people, it is also necessary to provide more information about how to plant plants, how to treat various plant diseases and much more.
  2. Be careful in choosing ornamental plants to sell.
    The next tip is to be careful and smart in choosing ornamental plants. Do a survey first regarding the types of ornamental plants that will be sold. There are many considerations that must be considered before choosing ornamental plants to sell, such as characteristics, selling value and how many people are interested in them. 
  3. Get to know your target market and trends.
    Next, do research on your target market segmentation. Pay attention to the needs of your target market. Why is this important to do? Because it will be the key to selling ornamental plant products that suit consumer interests and needs.
  4. Prepare business capital.
    What is no less important is preparing a budget, including the capital that must be prepared. Make sure you have sufficient capital. Capital can be obtained through savings, business loans or capital through investors.
  5. Carry out promotions.
    The next tip is to prepare a mature promotional strategy. Carry out promotions on various marketing channels to introduce the ornamental plant products you sell. Promotions will also increase brand awareness. Promote on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
  6. Sell ​​offline and online
    In an increasingly flexible era, many people sell their products not only offline , but also online. This also applies to ornamental plants. You can use the marketplace to sell your products. By selling offline and online, it will be easier for you to reach more customers.
  7.  Prepare complementary facilities and infrastructure.
    Don't forget to prepare supporting facilities such as land to store ornamental plants, and other supporting facilities such as soil, seeds, adequate water to care for the plants. 
  8. Choose the right location
    Location is one of the keys to business success because it influences several managerial, technical and administrative factors of the business. Choose the right location to start your ornamental plant business according to the research you have done. Choose a location that allows your customers to find your business easily.

Risks of the Ornamental Plant Business

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All businesses have their own risks. However, do you know what the risks are in the ornamental plant business? Let's look at some of the risks in the ornamental plant business and how to prevent these risks from occurring:

  1. Dead plants
    One of the risks of selling living things, including plants, is the risk of them dying. Things that might happen include unsuitable weather, attacks by plant diseases such as pests and weeds. Therefore, knowledge about plants is very important in pursuing this business to avoid risks. 
  2. Loss of plants
    Usually, many sellers apply the open space concept when selling ornamental plants, from here another risk that can occur is the loss of ornamental plants. Take precautions by installing CCTV at several points in your business, this can prevent naughty people from stealing. Apart from that, provide tight security with guard from your staff.
  3. Goods don't sell.
    The next risk is that the plants don't sell, therefore market research is very important to do. Unsold goods will affect your capital turnover and business finances. Therefore, you must be careful in promoting and managing the stock of ornamental plants that you sell. 
  4. Market prices fall.
    A risk that often occurs is market prices falling, therefore ornamental plant business people need to have good skills in reading market situations and observing competitors.
  5. Customers cancel orders
    The next risk that cannot be avoided is customers suddenly canceling orders, not to mention customers who suddenly disappear after ordering your product. Therefore, you as an ornamental plant businessman must be clever in dealing with this problem and need to know the factors that cause customers to switch to other shops and also how to prevent them.
  6. Unsatisfactory service
    Customer satisfaction is one of the keys to business success. If your customers are satisfied, then the chances of your customers re-ordering are very high. One of the risks that is often faced is customer dissatisfaction with your business service. Avoid this by improving employee skills , conducting training and implementing strategies such as providing customer care to handle complaints, and providing fast and accurate service.

After hearing about the ornamental plant business, are you interested in actually starting this business? So, if you are interested, don't forget to follow the tips above, apart from that, prepare a complete payment system for your ornamental plant business. Prepare for an increase in orders by providing an online payment system that makes it easy for your customers to make payments.Sumber

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