The need for agricultural land and plantations for the availability of fertilizer and other plant medicines tends to increase from year to year.Although the area of ​​agricultural land tends to decrease in several regions in Indonesia due to land conversion.

In the past, farmers only bought fertilizer to fertilize plants, now they need various types of fertilizer, for example fertilizer or flower-fertilizing medicine, fertilizer and medicine to eradicate pests, fertilizer to speed up the fruit ripening process, and so on.

5 Tips for Running an Organic Fertilizer Business

Did You Know? The need for agricultural land and plantations for the availability of fertilizer tends to increase every year, you know.

Moreover, with the rise of urban farming which can be done at home or on the veranda of an apartment.

Apart from that, many people also make farming a hobby.

Therefore, deciding to start an organic fertilizer business is the right decision.

So, now let's discuss what tips you can apply to get the most out of this organic fertilizer business.

1. Pay attention to the potential of the organic fertilizer business

Before starting this business, you must first see what the prospects and potential are in your area.

This is what you should analyze:

– how many fertilizer businesses are there?
– What is the price of fertilizer on the market?
– What types of fertilizer are sold?
– and so forth.

This is called a market survey and business feasibility.

If you want to sell online, you also have to look at its potential.

– Who are your competitors in online media?
– How do they promote their products?
– and others

After getting the data above, now you can start running an organic fertilizer business.

The organic fertilizer business itself is very easy to do, you know, it can even be used as a side business or home business.

2. Study Agricultural Science

Not just just buying it, consumers who buy organic fertilizer from you will definitely get information about the best way to use it.

So, as a business owner, make sure you are able to provide educational information.

If you do this, believe me, not only will you gain consumer trust , but your business will also grow rapidly.

You can also provide education about the world of agriculture such as biotechnology, botany, pests and others through social media content.

3. Know the types of organic fertilizer on the market

Do you know? There are many types of organic fertilizer on the market.

At least by knowing these types of organic fertilizers, you can be sure you are selling a complete product.

By selling complete organic fertilizer products, it will certainly be useful to increase profits in your business.

Not only that, this will also add plus value in the eyes of consumers, because of the completeness of the products at your place.

Meanwhile, the types of fertilizer on the market include manure, compost , green manure, biological organic fertilizer, humus, litter fertilizer, and finally liquid organic fertilizer.

Apart from types of fertilizer, you can also add other agricultural products, such as seeds, plant medicines, planting equipment, and so on.

4. Make Online Sales

The next thing that is no less important is how you make sales.

With the development of the digital world, now people can easily make any purchases online with their smartphones.

So, in order for your organic fertilizer business to develop, adapting to this phenomenon is important.

Therefore, you must also sell online , either through websites, social media or e-commerce.

After that, also create interesting content, so you don't just sell organic fertilizer but provide educational content about the world of agriculture.

That way, consumers will feel that you not only help them in getting real products, but also new knowledge.

If this is the case, consumers will certainly have more confidence in your organic fertilizer business, and even become loyal customers who do not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone.

5. Don't lack business capital

The most important thing not only in the organic fertilizer business, but in other fields as well, is to ensure that your capital is sufficient and there is no shortage of it along the way.

Capital is a risky thing, because that is where the funds for production costs, operational costs and even marketing costs come from.

Even though you initially started this organic fertilizer business with small capital, if your business grows later, there will definitely be times when you will have to increase capital.

This additional capital is usually used to increase production costs, so that you can make more organic fertilizer to meet demand.

When it comes to getting additional business capital, now there is a lot of access to financing aimed at Indonesian SMEs like you, such as conventional banks or other institutions.Sumber

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