For those of you who don't have a lot of capital but want to start a coffee business, you can partner as a coffee shop franchise at Nyopee Milk Coffee.

Even though the partnership price is cheap, it turns out that many people like the taste. Some of his favorite menus are Cappuchino, Taro, Matcha, Choco Rega, Palm Sugar, Choco Lava, Avocado Lava, Taro Lava and many more.

Current drink trends in Indonesia continue to change from day to day, such as the current trend for iced coffee and milk drinks which are being loved by the millennial generation.

The high enthusiasm of contemporary drink lovers gave birth to the Nyopee franchise.

Nyopee is a franchise business that provides modern iced coffee milk drinks which are considered to provide two benefits at once, namely as a thirst quencher and anti-drowsiness during the day.

About Nyopee

The initial idea for establishing Nyopee was the founders' liking or passion for coffee drinks, especially contemporary coffee.

From this hobby, it finally gave birth to a business opportunity, namely by establishing Nyopee as a coffee place for young people with contemporary coffee dishes.

Finally, on September 10 2019, Nyopee officially opened at RA Food Court Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta was chosen as a business location because this city is also known as a student city.

So it is easier to attract young people to try contemporary coffee from Nyopee.

Two months after it opened, this beverage business has received quite high enthusiasm from the millennial generation in Jogaja.

Until finally an innovation emerged in serving the drink, namely by adding several other ingredients to the coffee.

This is recognized by millennials as it will bring a new and different sensation when enjoying it. One thing that is unique is that there is a combination of coffee with fruit, such as in the avocado coffee drink.

This contemporary drink combines coffee with avocado to produce a delicious and unique drink taste.

The combination of coffee, avocado and brown sugar will produce a very tempting taste.

Apart from that, with so many food order delivery services, namely Goofood and Grabfood, it makes it easier for fans to enjoy iced coffee milk drinks from Nyopee easily and quickly.

Menu at Nyopee

There are many flavors or menu variants served at Nyopee, all of the flavors have a delicious and tempting taste. The following is Nyopee's mainstay menu:

  • Coffee Hot/ Cool
  1. Coffee milk
  2. Cappuccino
  3. Black coffee
  4. Milk Coffee Regal
  5. Avocado Coffee
  6. Choco caramel
  7. Choco Oreo
  8. Choco Milk Regal
  9. Choco Creamy Oreo
  10. Choco Beng-beng
  11. Choco Silverqueen
  12. Choco Milo
  • Not Coffee Hot/Cool
  1. Lemontea lechy
  2. Lemonade lechy
  3. Mass
  4. Cheese Tea
  5. Matcha
  • New Varian
  1. Red velvet
  2. Choco Regal
  3. Cookies & Cream
  4. Palm Sugar Copsus
  5. Avocado Lava
  6. Choco Lava
  7. Taro Lava
  8. Redwell Lava

Nyopee Franchise Terms

So far, Nyopee Franchise management has not stated the terms of the partnership in detail.

So you can find out the exact requirements information by contacting Nyopee's marketing team.

Looking at the business concept, it can be predicted that there are no special requirements to be able to open a partnership.

The most important thing is to prepare capital, energy or human resources, and most importantly the business location.

While waiting for the detailed requirements, it would be a good idea for you to prepare your business location. It is recommended that you choose one in a heavy traffic area and close to residential areas so that it is easy to attract visitors.

Nyopee Franchise Costs/Prices

For Nyopee franchise partnership costs or prices, 3 business packages are available with price details as follows:

  1. Juragan Package, original price 14 Million Rupiah, gets a discount to “11.4 Million Rupiah”
  2. Tajir Package, original price 11 million Rupiah, gets a discount to “8.4 Million Rupiah”
  3. Rich Package, original price 10 Million Rupiah, gets a discount to “7.4 Million Rupiah”

The price you pay for each business package includes sales booth costs, uniforms and initial selling raw materials.

Nyopee even provides a special bonus for every purchase of its business package.

How to Register for a Nyopee Franchise

Referring to the official website, namely , if you are interested in registering as a partner of the Nyopee Franchise, then contact Kak Ratih directly with the Whatsapp number +62 821 9148 5577.

Please contact this number and get clear and accurate information regarding partnership registration and what facilities you will receive.


There are several advantages you can get by joining as a partner for Nyopee's contemporary iced milk coffee, including the following:

  1. The brand is well known and has received many awards
  2. There is no royalty or profit sharing system so the initial capital will be returned more quickly
  3. There is continuous support from management
  4. Equipped with various applications that support Nyopee partners to develop their business.


Talking about the perfection of a business will never be found, but until now the shortcomings of this franchise are still minimal or even non-existent.

So this contemporary drink franchise is worth trying.Source

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