Coffee and tea are the two types of drinks most consumed by people besides water. It is not surprising that this beverage business will still have bright prospects. Business actors continue to compete to provide innovation.

Of the many tea drink franchise business opportunities , this is one of the most popular at the moment. The reason is quite simple, because this type of business is quite practical, and most importantly, quite profitable.  Meanwhile, one of the tea brands that is currently on the rise is My Bestea, where this brand offers contemporary iced tea with many variations of flavors. Apart from that, attractive visuals are an added value for this brand , so that they can reach buyers easily.

Established in June 2022, now its outlets have spread to 26 regions. Of course, this is a good sign that this business is growing rapidly and has the opportunity to provide multiple profits. So, what are the conditions and costs required? The following is the complete Business review

My Bestea Business Franchise Terms

According to the My Bestea website, there are no special requirements for purchasing a franchise for this beverage brand. However, you need to prepare initial investment costs according to the partnership package you choose. There are several packages available, starting from the Super Saver Package which is priced at IDR 2.8 million, where you will get raw materials and uniforms. Meanwhile, the Savings Package, priced at IDR 4.5 million, will also get raw materials, uniforms, From these two packages, you will only get the raw materials at once, a thermos, a large spoon, a cooler box and a straw Then, there is the Portable Package Rp. 5.7 million, where you will get an additional simple booth without a sitting area. Meanwhile, for the Regular Package IDR 6.9 million, you get a booth that is 2 times the size of the Portable Package.  Meanwhile, for the Platinum Package IDR 7.7 million, you will get a larger booth with a canopy. Lastly, the Container Package is IDR 12.8 million, so you get a stand alone with a canopy and a sitting area.

My Bestea Franchise Facilities

With all the prices listed, potential partners receive promotional support on social media Facebook and Instagram. Then, the management will provide promotional ideas in the form of content design or even product templates as well as a Food Delivery registration guide.

How to Join My Bestea Franchise

Based on the partnership information that My Bestea has, there are five stages for you to become a partner of this brand, namely:

1. Contact My Bestea marketing 

2. Understand the terms and conditions of the partnership

3. Distribution according to the package selected

4. The My Bestea business package will later be sent to the partner's address

5. Opening mitra


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