Who doesn't know the Kopi Kulo shop? This contemporary coffee has many branches and is sold everywhere. Interested in having a Kopi Kulo franchise?

The coffee franchise business is a very popular business because it has a wide market segment. This is because the habit of drinking coffee is increasing among all generations. In the midst of increasing competition in the contemporary beverage franchise business, there is one culinary brand of iced coffee that is currently on the rise, namely Kopi Kulo. So what about how to register and the costs required to start a Kopi Kulo franchise business? Check out the review.

Kulo Coffee Business Opportunities

Kopi Kulo itself was founded in December 2017 by Michelle Sulistyo. The first Kopi Kulo outlet was located in the Cikajang area, South Jakarta.

Apart from being a pioneer of the grab and go concept, another thing that makes Kopi Kulo special compared to other coffees is its courage in making taste breakthroughs to become a favorite among the public. Where, one of the coffee menus is a combination of avocado juice, espresso and ice cream whose quality has been tested. Meanwhile, Kedai Kopi Kulo is one of the franchises belonging to the KULO Group.

This company has been involved in the Indonesian culinary world for a long time. Some other franchise products are Pocchajjang Korean BBQ, Kitamura Shabu Shabu, Warung Sambal, and Xi Bo Ba. The large number of franchise products on the market increasingly proves that this company has experience in reading business opportunities based on trend research and the needs of its target market. In fact, it is stated in the official KULO Group that this coffee business within 2 years had 250 outlets spread throughout Indonesia.

Kopi Kulo Franchise Fees

Seeing the achievements that Kopi Kulo has achieved in a short time, and succeeded in establishing hundreds of outlets in various cities, it is not surprising that business people are certainly tempted by the profits they get. Unfortunately, on the official KULO Group website, there is no official information regarding the investment amount for a franchise or partnership. However, based on Business search results from several sources, the cost of a Kopi Kulo Franchise is around IDR 125 million – IDR 155 million. Regarding facilities, KULO Group will provide supervision from the center and each employee will also be given training before the outlet opens. This is done so that the work system and product quality can be uniform at each outlet in accordance with procedures.

How to Register for a Kopi Kulo Franchise

There are several steps that interested potential partners must prepare, including:

1. Access the official kulogroup.com page

2. After that, click ‘Partnership' to be able to open the online registration form

3. Complete the information regarding name, telephone number where you can be contacted, outlet location plan, include a photo of the location and area of ​​the outlet location

4. Or, Prospective partners can also send an email to Partnership@kulogroup.com .

5. Finally, management will contact you personally for further detailed information.

Benefits of the Kopi Kulo Franchise

One of the things that differentiates Kopi Kulo from other franchise brands is the freedom for partners to innovate by adding other menus that are considered to have the potential to sell well in a particular area. Even though the new menu is outside of central control. However, you don't need to worry if a menu doesn't sell. Because, as long as a menu follows developments in trends and adapts to the tastes of local people, then automatically there will always be demand from the market.Source

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